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Fleet Autogas

Refueling Options

With Suburban Propane as your energy partner, you benefit from quality refueling equipment, reliable fuel delivery, and safety trained professionals to serve you.

We install a variety of on-site refueling stations and dispensing equipment tailored to the needs of your fleet. With over 675 company locations nationwide, Suburban Propane can make daily, weekly or monthly autogas deliveries based on your usage needs. Whatever you require, Suburban Propane has the right options and services for your business.

Standard Private Station

  • This is best for small fleets of 25 vehicles or fewer.
  • 1,000 to 2,000-gallon tank serves a convenient central refueling location
  • Suburban or company-owned options available

Advanced Private Station

  • Infrastructure designed to support fleets of 25 vehicles or more
  • Storage capacity tailored to your fleet size
  • Additional options available such as card-based access and fuel management systems depending on the needs of your company
  • Suburban or company-owned options available

Private Or Public Networks

  • Fleets with limited space, or fleets needing more fueling locations along their routes can take advantage of this option with no infrastructure investment. Network refueling stations are accessible 24/7 through a card lock system.
  • If a network is not currently available in your area, Suburban may create one for your fleet, if it’s large enough. Alternatively, multiple fleets can team up to provide adequate load for requesting a refueling network.
  • Public fueling is also available nationwide. For a location near you, please visit the Alternative Fuels Data center at: