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Fleet Autogas

Financial Incentives

Because propane autogas is a clean, American-made fuel, there are a number of incentives to encourage adoption.

Autogas tax credits

2015-2016 Federal Tax Credit

There is a 2016 fuel credit worth 36 cents per gallon now in effect. You can also retroactively take advantage of a credit designed to save propane autogas users 50 cents per gallon of alternative fuel used in 2015. Consult your business’ tax advisor regarding any claims for credits or refunds. Download a link to more information here.

For a detailed list of federal incentives, laws, regulations, and programs related to propane autogas, visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) here.

autogas incentives by state

State Incentives

For a list of incentives by state, visit the AFDC: Propane State Laws and Incentives here.

To download a list of federal and state motor fuel taxes and incentives, click here.