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Propane powered forklifts keep crews more productive, perform reliably, and reduce harmful emissions. For decades, business owners have counted on propane forklifts to get the job done the first time while also keeping costs low. Compared to electric, propane powered forklifts ensure your employees have the advantages they need to work effectively.


Propane forklifts get more done in more places, unlike other energy options. Electric forklifts can’t carry the weight of large jobs, and diesel isn’t fit for small tasks. But propane forklifts are available in all weight classes to match the job at hand. And because they can operate effectively indoors and out, your staff stays more productive.


If operating with lower emissions is a priority for your workplace, propane is the best choice. Many operators consider electric to be a clean energy source, but it’s important to consider site-tosource emissions in your decision. Compared with electric, propane forklifts reduce SOx emissions by 76 percent. Propane is also much cleaner than diesel, which produces toxic exhaust that makes it unsafe to operate indoors.


The capital costs of propane forklifts are almost 30 percent lower than those for electric, when factoring in required refueling and recharging needs, allowing you to save more for other line items like new employees, or business development. Propane cylinders also last three times longer than electric batteries, and their lifespan isn’t affected by the amount of fuel left in the tank. With electric, a battery with too high or low of a charge can have a much shorter lifespan.


With the fading power of electric forklifts, you could be paying employees to become increasingly less productive through the day. Propane forklifts provide 100 percent power throughout operation to make the most of the work day, and one cylinder covers an entire eight-hour shift. Businesses that operate 24/7 can count on propane forklifts over multiple shifts, with no need to schedule downtime for recharging, as with electric equipment.

We’re ready to meet your fuel and cylinder needs

Complete cylinder services designed to enhance your productivity and safety

  • Customized daily, weekly, or monthly deliveries for your unique usage needs
  • On-time deliveries to avoid interruptions of your production schedule
  • Aluminum cylinders, locking cages, and complete rack systems
  • On site sprayfill or cylinder exchange

  • Bulk delivery and bulk tank options

  • Cylinder inspections and recertification

  • Consultation and training services to assist in keeping you compliant with
    industry regulations
  • Forklift fuel tax credits may also be available

Why consider using Suburban Propane:

Our commitment to service and safety strengthens your reputation. No matter how you use propane for your commercial operation, Suburban Propane is ready for you. With over 90 years of service, and locations throughout the country, we offer the expertise you want and the fuel supply you need. As your energy partner you can count on us to:

  • Adhere to your schedule
  • Repond promptly to your requests
  • Supply reliable delivery of propane
  • Install quality equipment, with an emphasis on safety
  • Provide 24/7/365 emergency service you can trust

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Whichever class is right for your workspace, propane delivers the power and versatility you need. And because propane can handle virtually every workload size, you can plan for only one fuel type for every project.

Whether your propane requirements are large or small, time-sensitive or long-term, we’re prepared to meet your needs.

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Why Choose Suburban Propane for your Forklift fleet needs

With Suburban Propane as your energy partner, you benefit from quality refueling equipment, reliable fuel delivery, nationwide coverage and safety trained professionals to serve you. We install a variety of on-site refueling stations and dispensing equipment tailored to the needs of your fleet. With over 675 company locations nationwide, Suburban Propane can make daily, weekly or monthly autogas deliveries based on your usage needs. Whatever you require, Suburban Propane has the right options and services for your business.

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