Our Prebuy Program offers you the convenience and peace of mind of locking in one fixed rate for your energy needs and includes:

  • Different plans to meet your needs
  • Automatic Delivery so you don’t have to check your tank, call for a delivery or worry about running out of fuel

Prebuy is a time-sensitive offering. Enroll and create your contract online by August 9th to participate in the program.

  • Q. Is Prebuy for me? A. If you want the convenience and peace of mind of securing your energy costs for the fall and winter heating season, then Prebuy is for you.
  • Q: How do I get started? A: You register online through our secure My Account portal. If you haven’t already set up your My Account portal, why not do it now? Visit https://account.suburbanpropane.com/
  • Q: What if I do not want to register online? A: If you signed up for the Prebuy Program last year, we will reach out to you. If enrolling for the first time, please contact your local office on July 8th.
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IMPORTANT CHANGES regarding this year’s 2019-2020 Prebuy Program:

  • Deliveries will run until May 30, 2020 — ending one month earlier — allowing us to reset the time frame for the 2020-2021 program.
  • For 2019, the number of budget payments will be reduced by one payment to 9 or 10, depending on your start date of August or September.
  • Monthly payment amounts will still be calculated based on the number of budget payments selected.
  • On July 8th, registered My Account Portal Account Members can create their Prebuy contract.