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Ric Dahlstrom
13:24 24 Aug 21
"Suburban has a bad rep around here. My realtor tried to steer me away from SP but there is a buried 1000 gal tank on the property that I just bought and it’s owned by SP. The previous owner didn’t like SP and ordered an above ground tank which looked trashy. As soon as I got rid of the above ground tank SP was able to fill their underground tank right away. Unfortunately, they only had one tech to reinstall the regulator and check things out. Since I had no hot water I had to wait a couple of weeks to get hooked up so I couldn’t move in which then resulted in a delay of selling the old house. When the tech finally showed up - he was able to come a week earlier than scheduled due to a cancellation elsewhere, he told me that SP was finally hiring more techs. Also, SP is pushing their new app but I think it was written by the low bidder - i.e. needs work. 3 stars is the rating for now but I think they are finally concerned about their ratings and are making strides."
Sonta Menichelli
18:06 10 Feb 21
"I'd like to say that the people that work here are some of the nicest customer service people and drivers that I have ever worked with. I have a challenging driveway and Kelly helped schedule the delivery around my plow guy. The driver was also very nice. I switched a couple of years ago, and I have to say that I made the right choice. (the price is much lower too)"
Jan Kerr
02:50 24 Dec 20
"My Suburban representative was scheduled to arrive between 8-12. He showed up at 8:20 am with a smile and very courteous. He was polite, efficient and explained everything he needed to do and did it quickly. If this is a representation of all of your employees then well done. It was a pleasure. Thank you."
Bill Monette
00:01 02 Nov 20
"Fast efficient service. Great communication."
Marie Morton
15:55 11 Oct 20
"Thank you for your continuous support in helping me to maintain an affordable and dependable source of heating."
Gabrielle Lumbra
15:07 05 Oct 20
"So far, so good. Everything has been timely and professional."
23:55 15 Jul 20
"The folks at Suburban have been very helpful during our recent move. Their service team members have been knowledge and respectful."
Nancy McAlhany
18:28 26 Jun 20
"Brad and Nate could not possibly have been lovelier or more helpful! Adrienne in the office is great also. Gets my highest recommendation."
Diane Dufresne
14:50 17 Jun 20
"It has been a pleasure working with Suburban on our new install for our home here in Westford, VT. Adrienne and Laura especially helped me during our assessment needs and helping to coordinate the install of our underground tank. The excavator was excellent and did a good job. Overall we are very pleased with the professionalism and the install."
Keith Gaylord
13:25 27 Feb 20
"I have been a customer for 30+ years. The timing of delivery service has been excellent throughout: I've never run out of fuel. The drivers have all been courteous and respectful of our property. The support staff in St. Albans have without exception been helpful: They look out for the customer's interests. It's a pleasure to be on a first name basis with both the field and support staff. And lastly, I am grateful for Suburban's support of military veterans."
Vic K
01:14 16 Jan 20
"Your service guys were great when I needed my tank replaced and the St. Albans VT customer service folks are pleasant and efficient.Nice doing business with you."
John Eckerson
12:08 10 Jan 20
"I was home when the Suburban driver began adding propane to our 500 gallon tank. He was courteous and informative. His timing was excellent as well since our lane had just been cleared of snow and ice, and snow was in the forecast. We are ready for winter 2020!"
Real Duteau
19:58 16 Dec 19
"Never to have to call them as they check our propane level for us; outstanding service. And when we needed our BBQ grill hooked up they were there and did a professional job; again great service."
Donna Atwater
14:09 09 Dec 19
"Easily paid my bill by phone. Very pleasant customer service. Thank you."
Susan Bressette
17:07 05 Dec 19
"Deliveries are made on time and with Customer satisfaction as a priority.Over the last 18 months Suburban Propane has greatly improvedtheir Customer Service/Satisfaction in my opinion. Keep up the good work and focus on the Customer!"
Mary Sweeney
17:06 03 Dec 19
"It took 4 visits to remove an old tank and place it in a safe place.....they did an excellent job when they finally had the right people do it. Each time they came out in the beginning there was an excuse, seems as though they should have reviewed their notes on previous attempts. First time they needed two people, next time it was iced in, next time needed two people again."
Nathan Yandow
00:39 26 Oct 19
"I have to add that this week I spaced on my propane tank and it emptied this week. I contacted them and they were quick efficient and friendly. They took the time to check lines and make sure everything was up and running beautifully. Brian our delivery guy hit a home run and we feel warmth from the inside out with Suburban. Great Service and customer care!"
Ann Hornick
21:09 07 Oct 19
"I want to thank Suburban Propane Saint Albans VT for their commitment to customer service. We found ourselves in a jam this week without heat and the Saint Albans team went out of their way to make it happen and quickly. My husband and I truly appreciate it."
Kem Ziegerhofer
13:37 07 Sep 19
"I had a issue with my account that was my fault and Denae went above and beyond to fix the problem. I have consistently had excellent service with Suburban Propane. Their prices are the lowest in the area and delivery is always prompt. I have used other companies in the past for my propane and had some awful experiences. I find Suburban to be an efficient, organized company with stellar customer service. It is so nice to know I don’t have to shop around every year to find the best deal for a company that provides great service. I know I always have that with Suburban."
Chip Spillane
18:05 04 Sep 19
"Adrienne is awesome! She took the time to help me out witha billing problem fast and efficiently...She made your company look great! Thank you for the great service!"
Hans Brakeley
01:42 01 Aug 19
"Service and pricing have been pretty bad in the past, so I can't say as I'd recommend buying from or working with this company. However, credit where credit is due - Adrienne was extremely helpful and pleasant to work with recently. Honestly one of the best customer service experiences I've had anywhere."
Nathan Yandow
00:41 01 Mar 19
"I have to add that this week I spaced on my propane tank and it emptied this week. I contacted them and they were quick efficient and friendly. They took the time to check lines and make sure everything was up and running beautifully. Brian our delivery guy hit a homer in and we feel warmth from the inside out with Suburban. Great Service and customer care!"
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