Patricia Rose
17:47 05 Aug 20
"Have been doing business with Suburban Propane for many years and will give praise to them always! Wonderful company and friendly staff and so very helpful everytime. Thank you."
Dan Ciento
15:05 06 Jul 20
"Great service at a fair price, installation was perfect TV hanks!"
Connie LeGrand
02:39 25 Jun 20
"Suburban is definitely the best company to deal with and are always ready to fulfill your needs! Customer service is very kind and helpful. I have had Suburban Propane as my fuel needs for several years and plan on keeping them for years to come! Thank you to all Suburban employees and owners! Your outstanding performance shows through the phone and on line!"
Frank Eduardo
17:05 20 Feb 20
"They automatically refill my tanks without incident.I never worry about running out."
Ruthann Dulovich
13:00 09 Jan 20
"We have to with Suburban for years with both propane and fuel oil. Never disappointed. Excellent customer skills."
Cheryl Stephens
13:45 22 Dec 19
"SoSo service. Had to call for a fill up in November, had not been filled since March. Usually topped off every few months. Do not know what happened to scheduled fill times, I had not changed anything. Customer service is Great when you finally get a hold of them."
Catherine Makay
18:52 19 Dec 19
"the lady in the office has been so great helping me out with my order.been with.our company 10 years and am very please with every thing only thing is it would be nice to set up a account where can send money on a monthly bases. they telling me you dont have one. thank you."
Dorothy Moninger
20:19 17 Dec 19
"I called about when my next delivery would be, on Friday December 13th, because I thought I might be getting low and was told that it would be delivered the following day or Monday. It was delivered on Saturday the 14th. I have never run out of propane. Suburban is very good about that."
David Kushner
22:16 05 Dec 19
"As always great Service and friendly employees."
David Willkens
02:27 04 Dec 19
"Suburban propane is always ready to meet my needs."
pat plays
22:14 03 Dec 19
"This company is wonderful. The staff at the Washington office really knows what they are doing even when I had an emergency they were right on it. The delivery drivers never have an issue with delivering my propane. Great job everyone."
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