Jeffrey Price
15:32 06 Aug 20
"Prompt friendly service. Not the easiest place to get into but the driver made it look easy."
Gina Womack
19:48 10 Mar 20
"Service in general was great. The billing and payment methods, leave alot to be desired. I've received a dozen bills different amounts then call to make another payment and am told I'm over pages."
Susan Horn
17:21 19 Feb 20
"I had only positive experiences with Suburban Propane. From the sales,installation, delivery and billing, every person was understanding,gracious and well informed."
Phillip Shuford
23:52 16 Jan 20
"Friendly,knowledgeable people from Amanda in the office,to Henry the service tech.The budget plan really helped me put too,not offered by some of your competitors."
Joanne Hawley
11:25 18 Dec 19
"I was happy that when you delivered next door, you also delivered to me this past weekend.I had asked to be removed from auto fill at the end last year when you made a delivery that was very small. Glad I am back on auto fill."
Beverly Brazerol
21:25 13 Dec 19
"The Roanoke team are the best! They always provide personal, helpful and courteous service! It’s a pleasure dealing with them."
Terry Curry
20:09 11 Dec 19
"Delivery gentleman was so nice and efficient. Always does an excellent job."
Gary Miller
16:54 05 Dec 19
"Excellent service and delivery from the Roanoke, Va office..."
Marjorie Glasscock
22:55 26 Nov 19
"We have no complaints. Suburban shows up and fills our tank and are gone before we know it. It's lovely not running out. I like that the receipt the driver leaves is also the bill and I can pay directly online almost immediately. No fuss, no muss. Thanks, guys."
Dave Hasty
13:33 26 Oct 17
"A suburban truck accidentally tore up my driveway and yard. I called Suburban at 430 in the afternoon told them what happened and that I had an open house the next morning at 1030. I didn't expect anything would get done on such short timing but I woke up and got dressed to go repair the yard for the open house and found that the suburban guys were already here and had begun repairing the damage so I could continue getting house ready for the showing. Accidents happen. It's how a company responds that sets them apart. This response was mind blowing. Suburban Propane has earned my future business and trust. Thank you!"
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