Renee Voit-Porath
19:33 26 Dec 19
"The crew at Suburban were really great! From Robin, our customer service rep, who was very patient with my many questions and schedule accommodations to Art, the tech who switched out the tank and inspected everything, and finally the guy (sorry guy, i didn't remember your name) who came to fill the tank later on that day, just before Christmas. All great - thank you for the great service and knowledge. Happy New Year to all."
Kerry Martel
21:48 13 Dec 19
"Price is high,service is great"
Randy Van Dyke
19:54 12 Nov 19
"I am very happy with the great service an the great people working for you but i would like to see no rental charges for us seniors on S.S We are buying gas from yous but thanks for the great service"
Joseph Foukes
12:35 14 Aug 19
"I have been a customer of Suburban Propane for 20 years and I am very pleased with the their service. Always on time with deliveries.The propane tank I had all this time needed a fresh coat of paint so I called them to see if they would send someone out to paint it , instead they installed a brand new tank. Happy customer."
Craig Harrington
23:10 25 Apr 19
"Excellent customer service and great staff had a great delivery experience with Jason very proffecial and curtios"
Diane Waggoner
00:50 25 Apr 19
Cole Lewis
23:53 24 Apr 19
Gary Friday
23:33 24 Apr 19
"Great place for parts and fittings."
Gary Friday
23:33 24 Apr 19
"Great place for parts and fittings."
Kevin Regnier
23:24 24 Apr 19
"Great place, taste the meat not the heat!!Vaggoner charking grills are the best when sold with propane and propane accessories."
Trish McMinn
14:32 17 Apr 19
"I have gotten my tank filled at a great price."
Jason Waggoner
14:13 17 Apr 19
"Great friendly staff"
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