Norton, VA

Providing local sales and service to Southwest Virginia and Southern West Virginia including Norton, Wytheville, Max Meadows, Richlands, Galax, VA, Bluefield, Bristol, TN, Pikeville, Whitesburg, KY, and surrounding areas.




Lance Hill
14:39 08 Oct 17
"Friendly service."
eddie mottesheard
19:35 17 Feb 17
Andrew Hawkes
20:13 27 Oct 18
Teresa Lewis
22:01 11 Dec 19
"I had called to have my gas line turned on and start my pilot light on my gas logs. The service man, Jimmy, was very friendly, efficient and helpful. However, I am noticing a strong smell and the thermostat doesn't seem to work right anymore - may need to call again."
Becky M.
06:12 04 Dec 19
"Decent, reliable service. They tend to deliver more often than necessary, meaning you have to pay their delivery, safety, etc. fees more frequently. And their price per gallon seems to always be going up (has NEVER gone down since I've been with them)."
James Williams
15:55 05 Dec 19
"Wonderful, compassionate, and helpful customer service. Kind and considerate delivery personnel."
Patty Elton
21:13 16 Dec 19
"Always helpful. Reliable."
Joel Pauls
11:58 17 Dec 19
"I lost my mother this year in Wytheville and I was working very hard to get another propane tank set so the water pipes would not freeze in the house even though they were booked solid until the middle of December they still found a way to come out and help me keep the house from freezing I may have been a pain in the butt but the squeaky wheel gets the grease they came out and help me and did it with a smile on their face"
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