Tod Davies
16:57 16 Jul 20
"I love these guys, they're always great. And they always recognize my name when I call! Although, after thirty years, they'd better. Thanks, Tricia and Melody!"
Mike Miller
17:20 19 Feb 20
"Submitting refill request online is very easy and there is a place to leave instructions if need be. If you forget to leave a note when requesting a delivery you can just email them if you need to be contacted prior to the driver showing up. I have goats so I need to be notified before he the driver shows up so that if the goats are out, I can lock them while the driver is here."
15:41 29 Jan 20
"Great service and a great price. We had our tank filled three days after calling."
Annette Parsons
20:59 15 Jan 20
"The office personnel and drivers are all very professional, friendly, and helpful, and when we have ended up in an unexpected empty tank situation they have been very prompt in getting our tank refilled. No complaints at all!"
04:21 18 Jul 19
"This place is so great! The woman(Tricia) who answered the phone was so friendly and had such a quick answer to every question I had!When I went in to get my little camping tank filled, the manager(Melody) was so helpful by greeting me and offering to fill my tank. She was so nice! Suburban has great customer service and has the best prices! They’re always so helpful and so nice every time I have encountered them whether it be through phone or in person! Would recommend them to everyone!"
John Tooker
22:12 13 Jul 19
"Great company to get propane from. Always on time and competitive gas price. I use about 900 to 1200 gals/year."
Mike Williams
18:48 03 Jul 19
"Friendly service, no issues."
Mark & Brook
20:47 16 May 17
"Not sure what those other complainers are talking about, but we've had nothing but polite, cheerful and helpful people take care of us at Suburban Propane, both on the phone and in person. Just came today to fill our tank, price was $1.99 a gallon, very inexpensive and the going rate. We live up the mountain above Talent, and they charged us $1.87 for transportation! We love these guys! By the way, we only had 60 gallons delivered, and the last time they came up here was 2 years ago, so we definitely are a low use customer."
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