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19:35 26 Jan 23
"Thanks for stopping out and filling tank, only thing that I would appreciate is that when you come you give a call, telling when you will be here, also I wanted you to make sure all things were on good working order as per our discussionWe do get an inspection once a year, (in which hasn’t been for a while) with us renting the tank, hopefully all things are okayThanks for coming out, I would think all things are OK (hopefully)"
Deborah Wynn
19:49 23 Dec 22
"Great company. Their drivers and delivery persons are always so nice. Spoke with office personnel and got all my questions answers. Great company"
Elizabeth Brigante
18:40 10 Sep 21
"These are the nicest people you ❤ could ask for. Really wonderful. Thank you, John!!!"
Kandee Love
17:15 29 May 20
"Colleen is an absolute gem. She is helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant. This is by far the best customer service experience I’ve ever had."
Michael Pirolli
16:50 18 Feb 20
"I had the pleasure dealing with Colleen who provided excellent service while resolving all my concerns, Thank you!!"
Eli Erenthal
21:00 11 Feb 20
"Very friendly and helpful customer service from Colleen!"
IPEC International Process Equipment Co
13:31 30 Jan 20
"great service and very accommodating when we need early deliveries of gases. Thank you for your great service to us!"
Laurie Carty
16:29 29 Jan 20
"very professional and nice"
Fancy ROSS
22:32 08 Dec 19
Barbara Myers
15:18 25 Nov 19
"We’ve had service for 20 years & have always been pleased with their excellent service. They have delivered our propane on an emergency basis during a snowstorm. Thank you for your continued service."
Matthew Kensil
14:35 12 Nov 17
Rick Burckhardt
21:03 24 Apr 17
"Nice staff there, they brought our tanks up front for us."
J Schwarz
01:17 26 Nov 16
"Great place for all yourPropane needs"
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