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Mazz Whitaker
17:12 12 May 23
"From the minute they answered the phone I felt taken care of! Every aspect of the service was exemplary. I was at my wits end with conflicting solutions to a propane leak in my RV lp system. The RV dealers were inexperienced,harried,and had no follow through. I thought to go to propane dealers even though they don’t advertise RV service. The knowledge and thoroughness at Maple Shade saved me months of waiting and @2000$ on parts quoted me,that I didn’t need. Thanks to John and all at Maple Shade Suburban Propane."
Barry Shapiro
20:07 09 Mar 23
"In a world where common sense isn’t so common and customer service has forgotten all about the customer this group is standing above the rest. They are professional, knowledgeable, fast to resolve all issues and incredibly fair. They are our food truck propane supplier and wouldn’t consider anyone else. Absolutely would recommend them for any of your needs."
19:35 26 Jan 23
"Thanks for stopping out and filling tank, only thing that I would appreciate is that when you come you give a call, telling when you will be here, also I wanted you to make sure all things were on good working order as per our discussionWe do get an inspection once a year, (in which hasn’t been for a while) with us renting the tank, hopefully all things are okayThanks for coming out, I would think all things are OK (hopefully)"
Deborah Wynn
19:49 23 Dec 22
"Great company. Their drivers and delivery persons are always so nice. Spoke with office personnel and got all my questions answers. Great company"
Elizabeth Brigante
18:40 10 Sep 21
"These are the nicest people you ❤ could ask for. Really wonderful. Thank you, John!!!"
Kandee Love
17:15 29 May 20
"Colleen is an absolute gem. She is helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant. This is by far the best customer service experience I’ve ever had."
Michael Pirolli
16:50 18 Feb 20
"I had the pleasure dealing with Colleen who provided excellent service while resolving all my concerns, Thank you!!"
Eli Erenthal
21:00 11 Feb 20
"Very friendly and helpful customer service from Colleen!"
IPEC International Process Equipment Co
13:31 30 Jan 20
"great service and very accommodating when we need early deliveries of gases. Thank you for your great service to us!"
Laurie Carty
16:29 29 Jan 20
"very professional and nice"
Fancy ROSS
22:32 08 Dec 19
Barbara Myers
15:18 25 Nov 19
"We’ve had service for 20 years & have always been pleased with their excellent service. They have delivered our propane on an emergency basis during a snowstorm. Thank you for your continued service."
Matthew Kensil
14:35 12 Nov 17
Rick Burckhardt
21:03 24 Apr 17
"Nice staff there, they brought our tanks up front for us."
J Schwarz
01:17 26 Nov 16
"Great place for all yourPropane needs"
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