Joe Capita
19:17 17 Feb 20
"Customer service representative was courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She handled my problem quickly ans efficiently, I was very pleased with the service I received."
Fran Lombardo
12:33 16 Jan 20
"Everyone I spoke to, especially Jenn Lane, has been exceptional. Jenn understood my problems and helped me through them. I want to thank her and her supervisor for what they did for me. I'll have heat this winter thanks to them."
augustine sinadinos
23:51 15 Jan 20
"Very easy company to deal with. Employees very knowledgeable and totally concerned about my property..I 'm glad I contacted Suburban and know we will have a long respectful relationship..."
Susan Kadish
22:23 08 Jan 20
"The delivery arrived on time and the gates to the fence were closed properly. Thank you for good service. It is appreciated."
jackie Wenrich
18:48 18 Dec 19
"I have for the most part been very satisfied with the service I get from Suburban. I was surprised when I made a call about someone possibly trying to syphon oil from my tank. They said I was due to get oil and they would check. I thought it would be in a day or two, three at the most. It was over a week before they delivered my oil and the cap was loose. They said they would put a locking cap on. Let's see how long that takes. This is the first I've had any problems to speak of."
Mike Todd
20:43 16 Dec 19
"Timely deliveries always, never a problem! Service appointments are first rate, SP keeps us completely satisfied with their actions. Highly recommended!"
Urban Werks
16:58 09 Nov 17
"Solid company- when put against another company, they matched it. Willing to work with you!"
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