Proudly serving Central Florida and the Space Coast which includes the following counties, Brevard, Volusia, Seminole, Orange, Lake, Osceola and Indian River.



Yelitza Eide
23:38 12 Aug 21
"Very satisfied with service and delivery provided at the date promised."
Patricia Worley, Plettinck, Lance, Metz
15:55 02 Aug 21
"In the beginning the company was extremely nice and helpful. I knew they charged a little more per gallon of propane my husband and I felt confident they were the company recommended from neighbors plus they filled our tank previously before we purchased this home. Anyway I ordered exactly 200 gallons and there was a $79.99 additional charge for the “tech” to check out our tank and he checked out our newly replaced regulator and ground pipes. Needless to say he said our newly replaced ground and generator pipes were “installed upside down.” Then he said “the generator is leaking oil or fluid “. So basically it boils down to this “he red-tagged” my newly renovated home generator was dangerous and he insists that we have Suburban install a “flatline” for the small additional fee of $150.00. We already prepaid for our 200 gallons and that tech fee amount of over 850.00. Generator renovation total almost $2,000.These findings by their tech could NOT be possible because we had two different companies performed the generator renovations. One company makes a mistake alright but 2 companies making mistakes? Then if all this isn’t enough to cause some major stress! In this time of COVID and everyone having financial issues this is my last complaint Suburbane fuel delivery driver was very nice and I asked him if he needed anything from me and he said NO. He put in 380 gallons as opposed to the 200 gallons we ordered and have their proposal in writing that shows we prepaid approximately $850.00 but we found a plastic bag on our garage door inside was a pre-printed bill showing the 380 gallons was delivered and the bill shows we now owe them $1,200.00. This invoice doesn’t even show our payment of approximately $850.00. We now have a generator that is red-tagged generator that works perfectly but we cannot use because it’s Red-tagged by Suburban Propane. The company responsible for the generator came out last week and found no leaks of any kind and he would not have worked on the generator if their was a gas leak? Just tooooooo many accusations in order for the large company to use their loyal and pre-paying customers to buy themselves another yacht or winter home while the average joe suffers into foreclosure or/and bankruptcy. To end this I can only speak of my experience with Suburban Propane. My husband and myself were trying to get prepared for this hurricane season and instead costs us a great deal of money and stress. Good Luck"
Vickie Dyer
21:16 07 Jul 21
"Excellent delivery, no problems at all (except the cost)."
Skip Sage
15:07 18 Mar 21
"We have been using Suburban Propane for going on 5 years. It is painless, we are using budget billing and it is seamless. Great job."
23:24 23 Dec 20
"Nothing but good things to say about them. The office was great, the install team was great and the continued service is great. Thanks"
Pete Zimek
14:57 09 Nov 20
"I can't say enough about Suburban Propane. Since we started working with them almost a year ago, their team has been incredibly responsive and transparent. Just this morning, we notified them that our tank had accidentally run bone dry. Our regular delivery day is in four days. Their team worked some magic and had a truck at our home within an hour. Thank you Alex & Nancy. We can't tell you how much we appreciate it."
William Schubert
20:37 21 Oct 20
"Excellent service. Highly recommend this company"
Hector Martorell
20:31 15 Oct 20
"I called trying to purchase $100 of gas because my gas ran out and at first they said yes then they said that I had to fill the entire tank I told them that I could not afford to fill the whole tank that I have been going true hard times and they said that they could not help me. Thank you for leaving me and my family without any way to cook. Update 10/15/2020 Someone with a heart at the corporate office decided to help us out and sell us less than a full tank, my family and I are great full for this."
Eddie Eddie
14:01 02 Sep 20
"I just want to commend and recognize one of your employees, Marie ( ? ), for delivering one of the most satisfying, top notch, the way it should be done customer service experiences that I have ever had.I had an issue about my billing and was ashamedly not on my best behavior when I called in. Yet despite my being extremely disagreeable and looking to take my bad day out on somebody, Marie maintained her coolness and professionalism. It was a classic RIO response.- Repeat the problem with empathy.- Isolate the problem to make sure that any other issues get addressed as well.- Overcome the problem.She took the time, trouble and effort to understand my problem, explain to me in a clear and respectful manner why it was so, and present a list of options that were available to me to select what I thought would be best for my situation. She even gave me a recipe for a better sauce for my meat loaf.Afterwards I tried to apologize for my unpleasantness, but she brushed it off with such grace so that I wouldn't feel bad. She also followed up with me that day to ensure that everything was okay, or if any other issues had arisen.Like I said, top notch.I also know that losing my account would not have affected your bottom line that much. But solely due to her actions, that won't be an issue.Thank you again, Marie, for a job well done !!!Eddie Saunders"
Doug LaCombe
13:25 24 Aug 20
"I had them quote and install an above-ground propane tank for a spa heater on a new pool build. They did what they said they were going to do, for the amount they quoted, and on a reasonable schedule.The only thing that was a little weird was how the billing came in, which was invoiced different than the original quote, but it all worked out to the same amount, so no big deal, just a little confusing.Any time I called to clear things up or get work scheduled, they were very friendly and very helpful.In my experience working with this company, I'd recommend them."
Greg Woods
21:02 20 Jul 20
"Good people. Takes some time to get it done but the job is done well so far. Still waiting to get connected to the new tank installed."
Charles Clark
20:02 22 Jun 20
"We are 85 and love gas baking and cooking! Spent a lot of money to switch to propane by putting in a tank and instantaneous hot water system retrofit, stove, dryer, etc.We need Suburban to continue the gas flowing!PS: Having been a 24 year Tempaco supplier of Suburban when we worked there and then a 14 year continuing customer of Suburban all is good!—Charles Clark"
Rick Spicer
13:05 20 Feb 20
"Thanks for the for the help setting up an account. The delivery person was help full and explained some things about fill up and about the best time to order fuel."
Calvin Burch
02:07 16 Feb 20
"I have leased a propane tank and purchased propane from Suburban Propane since 2004. They have always been prompt, consistent, dependable and professional throughout my lease with them. I highly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing a generator or any service requiring propane."
jill pateman
19:04 12 Feb 20
"Very helpful lady at the call centre/head office called a Chris, sorting a new account for me, paperwork and scheduling safety checks and delivery. Delivery arrived early on the right day. Charming delivery guy. Very good service."
Alan Keith
02:42 27 Dec 19
"Good delivery service. I'd give a 5 star rating, except their propane gas price is ridiculously exorbitant. $3.84 per gal. Gasoline and propane both originate from oil, but when oil & gasoline prices go down propane doesn't."
Alfred Taylor
02:58 18 Dec 19
"Reliable service at a fair price."
Bill M
18:26 17 Dec 19
"Great Service. Office staff very pleasant and knowledgeable. 1762 Kissimmee rocks"
David Rupp
20:21 03 Dec 19
"We get our propane delivered on a schedule. Pretty great service when the only way we know we got a delivery is to see the bill on the door. Thank you for the good service."
Dominic Bracco
17:11 27 Nov 19
"Prices are much higher than other companies around here"
Luis Antonio Santiago Cirino
16:49 30 Aug 19
"I was hereNice service3 99 propane by galónThe sell or fill up your tank"
Jayjuniper Jen
04:57 09 Oct 17
"Easy fast cheaper than anywhere else too"
David Swain
18:27 15 Sep 17
"Only place open just a day away from hurricane. They don't sell bottles, but you can get yours refilled as long as they are up to date. They have you pay by the pound, but it's about 16-20 bucks to fill a 20 lb tank. They are friendly and despite the madness of a hurricane they were efficient. When you can't find ANY propane any place, they will still have it. They do residential and business fills as well for the big tanks. I would have given them 5 stars but they have a very old credit card processing system that they had to manually do on a website. I would hope the update that so it doesn't take as long as mine did. Paper receipts with carbon copies? Really? I felt like I had stepped back in time when paying my bill."
Abs A
17:14 08 Sep 17
"I just want to say that the customer service is wonderful. I went to suburban propane to fill up my propane tanks for Hurricane Irma. I had some trouble with one of the propane tanks they had filled and had to go back for them to help me fix a problem. The gentleman who helped me. I wish I could remember his name because he deserves for people to know who he is. He was so patient with me and explained things so I can understand what happened with the tank. I really appreciate his patience and his great customer service"
Justin Collins
16:37 07 Sep 17
"Has propane, easy fill up. Really nice staff. 20 bucks to refill a 20 lb tank."
Aztekk Gold
19:24 06 Sep 17
"Nowhere else had propane for this hurricane, and it was 16.80 to fill a 20 gallon tank, so cheaper too"
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