Beth Leonard
17:04 16 Jul 20
"Very prompt & good service. Had a few issues but they resolved quickly. Olitha was such a big help & great to work with."
Do Mod
20:07 15 Jul 20
"Perfect job, thank you installer Adrian, timely and thorough"
Keith Baker
21:57 09 Mar 20
"I called one night the next day I had a new tank! The service department is great again they got me up and running within 24 hours Richard was a pleasure to talk to he explained everything he is well informed And it was very easy on me no stress"
WL Ramsey
18:36 12 Feb 20
"I have always been treated courteously and business is conducted efficiently."
Teri Tarnopol
13:31 16 Jan 20
"Best Bang for the buck in the keys and great service too"
Michele Freyder
23:06 11 Dec 19
"Great customer service! Wonderful!"
Chris Stone
20:08 27 Nov 19
"All employees, whether in the office, or carefully dragging the hoses around my planting areas to get to the two tanks on property, are TERRIFIC. Office staff is always most helpful. Especially important to a couple in their LATE 70's, who are picky , picky, picky!!!"
Curtis Skomp
14:39 10 Sep 19
"Suburban rep here in Key West showed up before the latest hurricane threat and filled us up. We really appreciate that, thank you"
Raymond Alfonso
17:21 08 Aug 19
"I had a new stove installed today. The technician barely spoke to me except when he told me to MOVE! MOVE! As I was blocking him from leaving ( unintentionally as the kitchen is very small ) the problem was he couldn’t fit behind the stove. He left and returned with a slimmer co worker, he at least acknowledged me and even smiled . After his coworker arrived he seemed less angry about what I don’t know. He was never friendly from beginning to end. Maybe he was having a bad day... but I don’t want big angry guys in my home."
M.Gavin Dietrich
20:34 31 Aug 18
"Quick, Consistent, Courteous Service!"
Eric Julier
11:38 28 Feb 17
"It took a long time just to get 1 bbq tank filled"
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