Michael J. Glasheen
21:12 19 Feb 20
"I recently let myself run out of propane. I called my local office and by the end of the day not only did I have a tank full of gas, I had my system tested for leaks and got a clean bill of health. Outstanding and friendly staff. Thank you so much."
B.W. Edwards
17:24 29 Jan 20
"Very happy with customer service. Unfortunately your gas prices , Extremely high compared to actual cost."
Sean Burman
00:10 15 Jan 20
"I wasn't planning on leaving a review Suburban Propane, but since you asked I feel obligated to give it to you. I purchased the home that this service is provided too in November. I closed on the house on a Friday, in winter mind you, and found that the propane tank that supplies the fuel for the house heat had been "booted" by the company. This service was not to be terminated until that following Monday for obvious reasons, like being 30 degrees outside. After several calls to Suburban propane, even the manager, there was a standard answer across the board, "nothing we can do". I asked why the service was turned off and the answer I received was that the previous account was late in payment. Supposedly back in August, but yet the previous owner had heat up to the closing date on the house (November), and confirmed that her account was in good standing by Subrban Propane?? The home inspector checked the HVAC system to find no faults and the system working in the house (report date 28 October), but the service was off since August when talking with Suburban Propane, not likely. That was my answer for almost three weeks. No heat, with the wife and children, three weeks! I had no intention of continuing service with this company, but I could not get a replacement tank until January, so I was stuck with them. Trust me I wanted to drag their tank to the road and have them pick it up, I bet they would have responded faster than three weeks for that. I do know someone here is lying, either the previous owner, the home inspector, or Suburban Propane. The "booting" of the tank, in my opinion, is nothing more than a money making scheme and jobs program by the propane company. No customer service at all, or even an attempt to alleviate the situation. "We just don't have anybody out in that area right now", or apparently for the next three weeks. They did not care.I assume that since I left this honest account of their business practices my service will continue to suffer in the near future, if they even read this at all. At least they did fill up the tank, eventually, so there's that, atta' boy Suburban Propane.UPDATE: Suburban Propane Management did reach out to me about the service I received, and basically made a pledge to do better. That was appreciated as most companies these days just move on to the next transaction. There is conflicting information by different parties that is causing the confusion on some aspects of the issues. I look forward to a better service experience from Suburban Propane.I have changed the review to reflect the outreach from the management personnel at Suburban Propane."
Nelda Brimer
03:34 21 Dec 19
"I am always happy with the service, whether I'm talking with the office or the driver who delivers my gas. Very helpful and friendly. Thank you!"
Fran Tittle
12:06 19 Dec 19
"Order delivered when specified. Good job."
Joyce Brown
00:22 26 Nov 19
Nicole Eaton
15:39 10 Sep 19
"I'm very happy with the service I receive with suburban, especially when I call in to pay on my account the ladies are always so friendlyand helpful and so nice to me and make it fast and easy for me to pay. I just think being a loyal customer and always paying on the spot we should get better pricing on the gas. I'm disabled and on a fixed income and sometimes only buy every two years. I just think if they can give new customers prices sometimes as low as $1.69 I think being a loyal customer of ten years I should be able to get a better price. I just about can't afford it, gas has gotten so high its hard. However they have always given me great service and came out anytime I've ever called and I appreciate that. They have always answered any questions for me. They check my tank for leaks they have always been very good to me as far as their service goes you couldn't ask for any better."
Robert Van Patten
10:44 17 Sep 17
"Only for house delivery not rv"
John Dooley
15:31 09 Jan 16
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