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Bruce Self
16:24 01 Dec 22
"Wade Hess bends over backwards for people. Very courteous and efficient."
Carl Payne
10:56 19 Nov 22
"Polite and professional office staff that we dealt with. Super great service man that brought our tank and set it and did pressure test. Also the driver that delivered our propane very professional and was extremely polite and helpful with our questions.From the first phone call to the delivery of the propane, it was a very pleasant experience.Great people to do business with!"
Kerri Rayford
19:28 11 Nov 22
"Extremely pleasant people. Everyone I dealt with was over the top nice and made sure that everything was set up correctly and worked with us when they couldn’t place the tank we ordered. Very pleased with how they treated us."
Buddy Vines
17:41 19 Jul 22
"Good experience overall. Jane at your Addison location was particularly helpful and friendly. However, I cannot say the same for the lady in Jasper who does not understand state taxes and is quite rude."
Don Curtis
01:34 17 Nov 21
"The ladies in the office were very helpful in explaining the what whare and when details of of "Suburban Propane". Then when the Inspector came out he was very friendly too. I never met the individual who filled my tank but he didn't spill any, that's the important thing.😏"
jim blankenship
10:58 12 Jun 21
"Wonderful staff to work with during a new construction of residence. Leon went above and beyond to make sure our new service was working properly. Great job!"
Susan Sides
13:41 19 Mar 21
"Great service. Very friendly and willing to help. Thanks so much."
Jim Parham
14:41 18 Mar 21
"Renee and Leon went over and beyond my expectations!!"
Tom House
19:02 23 Dec 20
"Great customer service, always helful. Tom House, Cabin at the Lodge."
Naim Gribaa
21:43 20 Nov 20
"I can honestly say that my impression and personal experience related to Suburban Propane is outstanding, and I will explain why. I passed by their offices in Jasper around mid-October 2020, and my first question was "I don't want any hidden charges, and tell me how much it would cost me total including taxes to have propane delivered to my home." I explained that I own my tank. I have to say that the response was comforting. The employee's name was Tammy. She provided me with the total $ amount, and I can tell you that $1.49 was a great deal. It was explained to me that there will be a visit prior to delivering propane by a technician, to make sure that all is fine and good to go. I was provided with November 11 as the date of the visit. On that day, Suburban Propane employee Brad Drummond passed by to test and check all. He really helped me solve issues with the tank itself and the regulator. It appears that the regulator we were using for the 100 lb tank was not the right one for the new big tank, and he helped me get one to make sure that all is fine. He tested everything and provided his OK to have gas delivered. Two days later, and that was November 13, Suburban Propane truck arrived, and it really didn't take them time at all to fill the tank. It was quick, efficient and both employees were courteous. By the way, Tammy, the first employee I met at their offices in Jasper, was certainly right. I was charged exactly what I was told, and I was provided with a receipt that showed all details. No hidden charges and no deceptions.I rarely provide feedback, but I thought it is only fair to share with all my personal experience with Suburban. We are now customers forever. The one thing one can say is THANK YOU Suburban Propane. We are truly grateful, and we are now clients for life."
Jennifer Bolzle
14:26 12 Nov 20
"Friendly staff who refused to give up on the challenge of my driveway to ensure we had gas for the winter."
Linda Sides
20:39 11 Nov 20
"The delivery guy was great-very helpful!"
Crystal Rodgers
16:33 14 Apr 20
"We purchased our home five years ago and continue the service with existing propane company (Thompson Gas). We have had several challenges with the existing company over the past few years. We felt that it was just easier to stay with them than to go through all the hassle of changing. We had two owed tanks and one rental. Yesterday after not getting phone calls returned I had contacted Thompson because we were out of gas to our house generator. This was no fault of ours I contacted them 2 months ago when I believe we were out and was told if the Gauge showed full no need to get gas. Sunday we lost power. Our generator would not start after checking it was out of gas as we thought. When I called Thompson gas I was told it would be 5 days before they could come out. This meant that we will be without a generator and our food would spoil that was purchased to shelter in place for covid-19. The long-term effect would be devastating. It's already difficult now to buy food and you're limited on how much you can buy. I negotiated explained what happened they said it would be three days and the earliest I could do but would talk to her manager and see if there was any way they could get out earlier. I waited all day no return call I called them back and they said that it would be tomorrow being Tuesday before they can try to work me in. This was their fault. In addition they were going to charge me more than what previously was quoted a few months ago I was told would be a locked in price. The girl corrected herself was very friendly but the fact is is a loyal customer the manager was not willing to correct an issue that was theirs in a timely manner.I Googled and called the first one that popped up which was Suburban Gas. They acted quickly at 4:55 p.m. and had someone out here that morning and was going to deliver gas shortly after the inspection before any time Thompson could offer. Everyone was beyond friendly respectful and we're very proactive at Suburban and I wasn't even existing customer. They recognized I was in a dire situation and found a way to assist. Matt the gentleman that came out to do the inspection was super friendly and the very first thing he did was check the tank and verify there were no issues other than the gauge appear to be stuck reading incorrectly and even Rock the tank and said it's empty. I had spoken with Anita in the office she did a wonderful job the first time I called. She escalated it to Brad and they coordinated to find a way to help someone that wasn't even their customer. Everybody in the office that I've called has been amazingly friendly and supportive. I am moving all my business to Suburban Propane because of their actions. I'm very thankful and appreciative that they have such amazing staff. Thank you Suburban propane."
Michael J. Glasheen
21:12 19 Feb 20
"I recently let myself run out of propane. I called my local office and by the end of the day not only did I have a tank full of gas, I had my system tested for leaks and got a clean bill of health.Outstanding and friendly staff.Thank you so much."
B.W. Edwards
17:24 29 Jan 20
"Very happy with customer service. Unfortunately your gas prices , Extremely high compared to actual cost."
Nelda Brimer
03:34 21 Dec 19
"I am always happy with the service, whether I'm talking with the office or the driver who delivers my gas. Very helpful and friendly. Thank you!"
Fran Tittle
12:06 19 Dec 19
"Order delivered when specified. Good job."
Joyce Brown
00:22 26 Nov 19
John Dooley
15:31 09 Jan 16
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