Serving Blount, Calhoun, Cherokee, Colbert, Cullman, Dekalb, Etowah, Franklin, Jackson, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Marshall, Morgan, St Clair and Talledega. Residential and commercial cylinder exchange available in the Huntsville area.



Julie Venturi
19:55 30 Nov 22
"They made sure they got my gas delivered even though it was the weekend cause it was going down cold. They took the time to text and call me to make sure I got my delivery. Very friendly people."
Francis Gregory
02:47 18 Nov 22
"The representative was knowledgeable, and he explained the propane system to me. It was very informative. He also explained how my gas logs worke while performing a safety check of my system. Great service!"
Trinab B
06:55 08 Sep 22
"The BEST I have ever dealt with!! I am so glad I switched to THIS company!! Everyone is so nice and easy to work with. Highly recommended!!"
Tammie Gibson
22:28 19 Aug 22
"When we run out of propane, you are very good to bring a new supply out to us. But we asked to be put on auto-refill 3 times and it was not done. I think we are on auto-refill now. I hope so. But if the past is any indicator, that’s probably not the case!"
Lori Moore
21:06 19 Aug 22
"Excellent service from our delivery person as always!!! Thanks for being so great and easy to work with!"
Versal Spalding
14:18 06 Mar 22
"Great job. He also provide me with some good information on my new propane heater. Thanks."
Donna&David Roberts&Dillingham
20:53 28 Feb 22
"Very happy with this company. After the initial safety checks, the propane was delivered on the day scheduled for my area. It was necessary to pay in advance on the phone by credit card for the estimated amount needed. After the delivery it was discovered I only needed half the estimated gallons of propane. The company promptly refunded the overage to my credit card. Their customer reps are very friendly and helpful."
Wendy Lawler
18:28 11 Feb 22
"Suburban Propane and David did an excellent job installing my propane tank. I am so thrilled to have my fireplace working and Tracey was so helpful! Looking forward to many years of service with Suburban."
Bob Gifford
14:56 01 Feb 22
"Excellent service! They do a super job in taking care of us. Courteous and totally professional. We highly recommend Suburban Propane."
Nicholas Norton
04:10 27 Nov 21
"From beginning to present, Amy and Bob have made my Suburban Propane experience a 5 star experience! Their willingness to assist me, especially long after normal business hours, proves to me that they take great pride in their customer relationships and will go out of their way to ensure the highest level of customer care /customer satisfaction. This veteran says BRAVO ZULU for a job well done!"
Nanette Beck
03:58 28 Oct 21
"Quick, easy and was able to refill tank in 3 days."
Brad Sanders
17:28 07 Oct 21
"Good company, better quality of Gas than Last place we got it from."
Mike McCarty
21:09 29 Jul 21
"We have had trouble with Suburban propane. We have run out of propane despite being on a “keep full” program, and have had several issues with billing even though we were on a monthly payment program and they had our current cc info they threatened us with shutoff for non-payment.Update:I was contacted by Suburban propane, they were very helpful and were able to get my account straightened out and resolved the issues we were having."
Bill Guthrie
18:46 07 Jul 21
"Was scheduled to be delivered on the 2nd and it was, suburban gas seems to be good people to work with and trust to do the right thing"
Darrell Brown
14:00 12 Jan 21
"Took over a week and a half to get delivery. They tell you that the scheduler will call you back and he don’t. Every time I called to try to schedule delivery, the scheduler was always in a safety meeting. This is poor customer service. I was told to go ahead and pay for the gas. I did and then after almost a week I had to call back to ask for delivery. Finally, received it.Update- I received a call from the manager apologizing for this mistake. Also, got a call from the person that made the mistake. All is well. I appreciate the response. Thanks"
t stubbs
00:21 22 Dec 20
"Thanks to Mr. Watson for going above and beyond to help us with our needs."
14:42 15 Dec 20
"Update: I received a called from Ken W. informing me that they missed the boat on this service and would like to rectify the situation if possible. I am moving on to another provider but I do appreciate the follow-up and attempt to make things right.Horrible service: I schedule a simple site survey to have new service installed. They made me wait 14 days. When the 14 days arrived nobody came and nobody called. I called them and they said, "yes it looks like you are on our schedule for today, let me call the technician to see what's up, and then he will call you right back." At 4PM the technician calls me and asks "Hey, you want to talk about propane with me or something?". I said what? you were supposed to be here between noon and 2 and you don't know why you are even calling me. he said "Nobody never tole me nuttin about an appointment, you want to talk on the phone or sumpin?"Seriously, stay away from people like this."
Barbara Staggs
01:23 12 Nov 20
"The person who delivered the cylinder was helpful and explained things well."
Ericka Freeman
21:27 11 Nov 20
"Excellent customer service. Professional. Went above and beyond. I highly recommend!"
Robb Keeter
20:01 11 Nov 20
"We moved into our new house in July and the previous owner didn’t transfer the propane service over to us. Since it only feeds our gas fireplace, we didn’t have it as a high priority. As the temps dropped, we decided to get the tank inspected and filled. They scheduled our appointment quickly and showed up on time. The service rep did a good job inspecting the tank, regulator, and lines. He also checked the fireplace and got the pilot light relit for us. He scheduled the refueling for us and they showed up a couple days later. Very pleased with how the rep fielded all my questions and explained everything he was doing."
james Eastman
18:24 11 Nov 20
"Courteous and efficient. Highly recommended."
Myra Boyd
17:38 27 Oct 20
"I wanted to add the 5th star. I tried to do it the first time but my devise would not allow. I found the Suburban office staff very helpful and kind(something lacking in many offices). The delivery person was courteous and quickly delivered propane and then lit the pilot light for me. Thanks for a job well done!"
C Gulledge
01:30 10 Mar 20
"We've been working with Suburban Propane for about 10 years now, after making a change from another propane gas company. We've been very happy with the service. Just last week, we had an urgent need for gas not realizing we were so low and with a single phone call, they were out here the next day. Thank you Suburban!"
Suzanne Vance
13:14 06 Dec 19
"I am and have been satisfied by the service from Suburban Propane gas. We have been serviced by them for many years now. They are always professional when they show up to deliver the gas."
Sandy t
01:33 31 Oct 19
"Have used Suburban 5 years. They provide good service. Always call around to competitors to get pricing. Then ask for similar pricing with Suburban. They will usually price match."
Tommy Gilstrap
21:20 18 Sep 19
"Exceptional customer service ... accomodated my fluid schedule. Driver was prompt and courteous."
Debbie Jones
13:53 17 Sep 19
"Always prompt and courteous service. Thank you!"
Gloria Carr
01:46 10 Aug 19
"I’ve always received great service from Suburban Propane. The people I’ve dealt with are very helpful and professional."
Gloria Carr
01:46 10 Aug 19
"I’ve always received great service from Suburban Propane. The people I’ve dealt with are very helpful and professional."
Matt Pierce
02:47 02 Aug 19
"We are having a tankless water heater installed. Suburban would not coordinate with the plumber installing the water heater nor scheduled the propane install until the fixture was installed. They claim they had no problem with a next day installation. Today the water heater was installed and it will be a week till they can come by. We had to dicker to get it done in three days. Update. Suburban installed our propane as promised within two days so I'm updating the score."
Brenda Perkins
19:35 01 Jul 19
"As always, great job, Suburban.. The people I speak with are always pleasant and helpful and the delivery is right on time! Thank you for fantastic service 😃"
Gayle Krohe
20:53 20 May 19
"Great job!"
Darlene Gable
18:54 07 May 19
"Excellent job. Loved watching them. Wondered how they were going to do it."
Carl Thomas
21:46 25 Jan 19
"This winter I had a few issues with billing dealing with a surprise filling of my tank during peak season , however, an outstanding employee, Morgan Morrow went above and beyond to take care of my billing issues. She and her team were great and worked with me to find a solution that worked for both us and the company."
Freida Allen
12:53 24 Apr 18
"I am a pre-buy costumer and an automatic-fill and have been with this company for years. But, if my tank were not full, I would be gone! I am on a fixed income so I conserve my gas. Even in this cold winter I conserved to make sure I didn't have to purchase more gas other than my pre-buy. I made it through this rough winter just to have them wait until the end of April to bring what was left of my pre-buy and finish filling the tank with $4.00 gas. They filled my tank in Jan then waited until the end of April and of course my tank was pretty much empty and now I have a tank that will sit full of $4.00 gas for the summer.I do NOT recommend this company!!!For the summer my gas tank will be full but my stomach will be empty:(I changed my review from one star to three only because my price was changed back to what was on contract with my pre-buy. That is close to US average propane prices which were $2.43 last month and down from the month before. No data for this month yet but most likely down alittle more since the season is over.I do appreciate suburban's attention to my account but I wonder what happened to other customers who are too busy to inspect their invoices."
Kathy Ray
17:24 20 Dec 17
"We have found the customer service to be good and their deliveries to be prompt. Very Reliable. We've been with the company for many years."
Rosemary Davidson
07:05 28 Oct 17
"Very nice staff"
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