Debra Douglas
18:29 19 Feb 20
"Always personal service. The nicest people on the phone. Great deliveries."
Karen Cooper
17:39 19 Feb 20
"We did not know the date of delivery of propane.We could not get our fireplace to light, so we wanted to ask your technician to assist us, but not knowing the delivery date, we somehow missed him. We already have had it cleaned and checked but it just won't light."
Jackie Rosswurm
13:54 16 Jan 20
"I find Suburban to be a very customer friendly business. Employees are knowledgeable and ready to work on whatever the issue might be."
James Bannister
22:46 21 Dec 19
"We recently increased the size of our propane tank so that we would have more fuel to operate our whole house generator system as well as our Rinnai tankless water heater and fireplace logs. The entire process was managed and completed very professionally and we are happy and satisfied Suburban customers."
Robin Hagopian
23:28 11 Dec 19
"Great service. We use a lot of propane and have never run out or had to ask for service even during the busy holidays when we burn our fireplace and do a lot of cooking!"
Ed Mamba
17:00 03 Dec 19
"They always keep my propane tank filled and will come if you need emergency services as well. When we first moved in they were very expedient and super friendly. They are very understanding of when you can’t pay your bill completely and are willing to work payment plans with you. Highly recommended. Customer for life."
Brian Donnelly
21:05 30 Oct 19
"Spoke with representative to negotiate reduction in propane price. Got it reduced. The question is why do customers have to ask for this."
Mark Mazzacua
14:13 18 Sep 19
"I will give credit where credit is due and Suburban Propane of Summerville SC deserves a "hats off" for their consistency and understanding. Our Generac generator is there because a member of the family is a blind/disabled/special needs person. He can not function without electricity. We need to keep the propane tanks topped off in case of any long term power outage and Suburban Propane understands this, working with us. I highly recommend the company."
Richard Trammell
19:56 28 Aug 19
"When we built our new home, our contractor had used another propane company in the initial installation. Not only was their propane significantly more expensive, but trying to contact them or get a call returned was an exercise in futility. Our neighbors that used Suburban Propane liked the company. They gave us a very fair price and their service has been outstanding."
Lori Kelly
21:12 28 May 19
"Using Suburban Propane is effortless. Once you're set up with them (which is a very easy and quick process), you need not worry. Suburban Propane will check your propane levels and fill accordingly - no need to call them - it's automatically done! Once less thing to worry about - thank you Suburban Propane!"
Mary Mullis
22:24 17 May 19
"I have no problem with Suburban Propane. I never run out and the service is great."
Toba Barth
14:41 17 May 19
"Whenever I call to as for a delivery or information, I am always greeted warmly! It is a pleasure to have Suburban ‘on my side!’"
Jeffrey B McIntosh
13:55 08 May 19
"we had a gas leak and Suburban Propane was quick to identify and fix the problem making sure there was minimal interruptions in our vacation and to our home their quick response was very much appreciated and the technician was friendly, competent and understanding"
Tim Garner
15:12 02 May 19
"Delivery man did great. Swapped out our tank for a new one, and tested our fireplace while here."
Scott Harms
19:18 23 Apr 19
Julie Schultz
14:39 12 Aug 18
"They deliver as scheduled but they call me EVERY TIME right after they deliver asking why I haven’t paid my bill yet when I haven’t received an invoice yet. Very annoying to someone that pays their bills on time. Their billing system needs huge improvements."
Marie Lowery
23:09 07 Jan 17
"A big thank you to Rob Kolb and Suburban Propane. Rob went above and beyond to make sure my family stayed warm during an unusually cold South Carolina weekend with temps in the low 20s. He immediately responded to my call on a Friday morning regarding no heat and concerning odor throughout our home. We recently purchased the home and he quickly discovered that the gage on our tank was broken and we were out of propone. Without having any notice Rob was able to provide us with a temporary tank to get us through the weekend until he can install a new one. Because of Rob's efforts we will be Suburban Propane customers for life."
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