We provide dependable 24/7 propane service to the following counties: Alachua, Bradford, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Levy, Marion (North), Putnam (West), Suwannee and Union.



Frank Albury
23:27 16 Nov 20
"We have had a great service experience with both the office staff for scheduling our delivery date and time The delivery driver was also exceptional for our on time delivery"
Johnnie Blake
19:28 12 Nov 20
"I have had service from Suburban Propane many times and was very pleased with their service."
Mike Neal
22:30 23 Aug 20
"very easy to order and delivery was as scheduled"
Kathy DeGrenier
22:55 15 Jul 20
"I had great service overall and would recommend them. Only minor problem was information the tech said scheduling had not passed on to us - like, the stove has to be very close to the install site."
Lindy Brown
15:44 06 Jul 20
"Suburban hung in there when trying to top off my tank thanks to the rain kept washing out our road but the the third time was the charm. They never gave up on me nor did I give up on fixing the road. But overall we overcame the situation. I now have a full tank for my generator for hurricane season. Especially thank you to the truck driver he gave his all to deliver. Neither rain, sleet or snow would deter him from making his delivery. Well done."
Kim Parsons
20:09 19 Feb 20
"Quick response, questions answered, friendly staff. Good work!"
Keith Murray
14:42 09 Feb 20
"I have been told I have to buy propane at least once a year, if I need it or not. I will be going elsewhere for propane. Sorry I haven’t used enough for you. Told I can go elsewhere.Since this review Suburban Propane has made a change. The attitude is customer oriented. The service was excellent. If I can write a poor review I will change it since you have changed ."
Lee Sweeney
20:43 08 Jan 20
"The delivery person was great and very helpful with all requests."
Don Hillman
23:50 28 Dec 19
"Your company sent a tech by the house I purchased and waked me through the gas lines and set up. Delivery has been great they fill my tank without any issues."
John Rosenbek
21:34 13 Dec 19
"Give your delivery guy a bonus. He single-handedly made me happy with my choice of delivery companies"
Phyllis J Raymond
20:21 12 Nov 19
"The gentleman that came to my home was very nice and helpful."
Bobbie Jo Smith
18:57 30 Oct 19
"Christina Brown at Suburban Propane is one of the most genuinely professional people that I've ever worked with! She went above and beyond to resolve our issue, and even followed up months later to make sure our issue did not occur again. She was polite, helpful, genuine, efficient, and the best in the customer service industry. She followed up MONTHS later to check on me. These days, that is RARE!!Thanks to Christina Brown, I wouldn't use any other vendor for our company's propane services. We previously used smaller companies because we thought it would mean better, local service, or a faster response time if needed.Although your company is national, we were treated like our business mattered and our service needs were met faster than any local company we've used in the past. I've now switched multiple accounts to your company because of the excellent customer service.I have been in management for over 20 years. This woman should be training your entire company how to handle complaints and how to properly treat customers. Sometimes a national company treats you like, "We can survive without your little account because we are national." I was honestly treated like I was your ONLY customer. As a result, I have referred many more customers to Christina Brown at Suburban Propane and also signed up ALL of our properties with Suburban Propane.Great Work!"
Nick Stoffa
20:29 17 Oct 19
"Office staff is very friendly and technician was great but watch yourself when dealing with this company. Read the service agreement carefully. You must buy propane with them each year even if you do not need it. $60 minimum per year even if you want nothing delivered. The term of agreement says you must pay this for three years. Also, I was initially told I would need to buy hundreds of dollars worth of piping to set the tank a certain distance away from my home but when the technician finished installing my line and my tank he asked me why I hadn't just set the tank right next to the house as it would have been easier. I was amazed to hear that that was an option. Yes it would have been much easier but then Suburban Propane would not have gotten all of that money."
Ann Bryant
17:00 24 Sep 19
"I have nothing but the upmost thanks for a job well done."
dinorah hernandez
22:41 10 Sep 19
"Nice quick response. The driver was professional and he answered my questions in a timely manner. Thanks"
Roger Walkwitz
18:55 28 Aug 19
"Everything was fine except the price is still too high............"
Cassidy Morgan
12:39 11 Jan 19
"The friendliest office staff!!!!"
Justin Watson
17:14 02 May 17
"Technician very helpful and was quick to help us out."
Wayne Gibson
20:47 14 Mar 17
"i have had nothing but great service and good people from this office"
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