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susan stearns
15:19 01 Feb 22
"Everyone that I have dealt with at Suburban Propane has been great!! Answered all my questions from the hookup of the tank to questions about billing. Thank you all!!"
Mike Mazz
01:31 13 Aug 21
"Had a Renter who enjoyed using our fireplace but we ran out of propane. I called Suburban and they came to refill the next day. Excellent response!!"
kenneth rockwell
20:02 12 Nov 20
"always timely with delivery,thanks!"
joe Hare
12:58 08 Oct 20
"Mike did a great job at cleaning the furnace. Fast, efficient and clean"
Patrick McGinley
20:01 25 Jun 20
"I couldn't have been happier. I needed a bit of a unique propane set-up and they came through. Les in particular was awesome. He listened to what I was trying to get done and took the time to research creative solutions. I can't say enough good things. Thanks!"
17:06 21 Jan 20
"Moved to JimThorpe last February. First time using propane other than my grill. Dealing with Suburban Propane has been a very pleasant experience. They deliver just when I need it. Was worried during recent cold spell that I would run out but the next day they made a delivery. It's like they read my mind. Drivers and Service Techs have always been very courteous and helpful and dealing with people at their office is very easy. Seriously considering changing over other utilities to propane as we settle in here."
Michael H. Lauro II
23:56 15 Dec 19
"I was very happy when I switched from my old company to Suburban Propane. The guy who came out to do the install was absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable. Not only are the office Personnel extremely friendly here compared to my old company, I'm receiving propane at over a dollar a gallon cheaper than my old company. They were absolute thieves. Best decision ever to switch to Suburban. I should have done it years ago. Also they were nice enough to give me 2 100 gallon tanks hooked together, instead of just one so I don't have to be afraid to burn my gas fireplace all the time for fear of running out before a delivery."
15:18 26 Nov 19
"It's nice to be able to pay with credit card and get an immediate reply. It makes a life a lot simpler. Clyde Robbins"
William Bauman
21:09 13 Nov 19
"Great service from this company. Had some problems with starting my furnace and these guys did not leave until the job was done. Poor guys were here all day. Looking forward to being a customer for a long time with suburban propane."
Michelle Albertson
12:39 10 Nov 19
"Conrad and his crew are awesome for a warehouse"
Kim Mickel
18:03 29 May 15
Joanne Roberts
21:51 18 Feb 14
"This is not the correct location of Suburban Propane. It is located at 60 Pittston Avenue in Yatesville, near Calex Logistics."
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