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Cheryl Loucks
21:58 15 Dec 22
"I am happy with suburban propane with the delivery service. But I’m not happy that this company charges their customers 12.96 a month to pay for there Employees to go to training and safety courses. I don’t feel that that is the customers responsibility. I think the owner of the company should pay for their own employees to go through training and safety courses. It’s their company. I feel they’re responsible to pay for their employees new and old and go through safety courses. I think the company should be responsible for that. I don’t think it’s fair that this company suburban propane is charging the customer the cost of sending their employees for training and safety courses. Our company this big should be able to pay for their own employees for their training and safety courses. It is not the customers responsibility to pay for that . Thank you sincerely unhappy customer Cheryl . I am happy with everything else with the company other than them charging the customer to put their employees through training and safety courses. I don’t feel that’s my responsibility to pay for that. Thank you"
Jeff Ferguson
17:08 27 Jul 22
"To Whom It May Concern,From the onset, Suburban has been extremely helpful in explaining the services available to the timeliness of installation.The office personnel have been excellent communicators and pleasant to speak with.They have organized a coordinated effort to direct field personnel to schedule and install a tank.The field specialist was a native of the area and has been employed for the past 30 years. An excellent Ambassador for the company.He was expeditious and polite. It was a pleasure speaking withHim.The entire experience was enjoyable and I hope we have a long and mutually rewarding relationship.RespectfullyJeffrey Ferguson"
Lisa Nunez
18:27 24 May 22
"I don’t use propane at my residence, but I was referred to Suburban Propane by a friend, after being told by another HVAC tech that I needed a new AC.Joe Harby answered all my questions and promptly set me up with an appointment. Doug, the technician,was just wonderful, he came to my house and patiently trouble shooted until he found out what the problem was!Needless to say, It needed to be rewired, not an entire new unit! I’m so pleased with the care and honestly I received! I refer SP to anyone having AC issues!"
Nicole Bodie
12:13 21 Apr 22
"Wonderful customer service!!"
Kimmy Mason
20:12 23 Mar 22
"Everyone is extremely nice to talk with and I know who I’m talking to when I call. I will no longer have to wait 11days to get a delivery and run out of propane and have no heat !!!! The last company has left me with no heat 3 times and frozen water .so I’m very happy with your service and everything that you have done 😊"
Scooter Racing
15:03 27 Oct 21
"AS an existing customer, I called to have another propane tank setup for my detached garage across the street from my house. they were able to set up the installation for the next business day. The technicians came right on time and did a great and careful job with the tank installation as well as getting the heating unit running, tuned up and working properly. Clean and well trained, I certainly recommend Suburban Propane!"
Alvin Zweifler
15:54 29 Sep 21
"I was a Suburban propane customer for 15 years. I sold my home on September 8th 2021. I asked the new owner to keep Suburban Propane for his propane and oil and he did. I have yet to receive credit from the Gas that was left.Alvin Zweifler."
Mike Packard
21:45 09 Aug 21
"The drivers and technicians are very nice and help in anyway. The office staff was great to deal with on the phone. I was very upset with the $5.20 per gallon I was charged for 36.9 gallons. I called Anther company and will pay$3.20 per gallon $2 less than suburban propane. They do this to me once a year by gouging me.. needless to say I’m changing and suburban will pick up their tank sooner than later. Still no explanation from management. As of today got my first fill with the new company and payed $1.49 per gallon first fill see hard to read slip below. I’m thinking I found a better deal? Your call be smart!"
15:00 25 Dec 20
"Very friendly people from the office to the delivery personal. Great prices on heating energy products."
Doug roberts
21:59 20 Nov 20
"Excellent customer service"
Nancy Biederman
17:54 11 Nov 20
"Never had a problem. Service is good and they. Keep their word"
Richard Snow
20:24 20 Oct 20
"I use suburban for my gas fuel and service on my heating unit. Nothing but outstanding service and delivery since I started over 20 years ago. Could not be more satisfied."
Wayne Hesler-Mondore
13:56 17 Mar 20
"Awesome service. Can't say enough. They came out and accessed what we needed and were there and done when they said. We now have safe warm heat in our workshop."
Mark Smith
21:30 11 Dec 19
"Suburban Propane has done a fabulous job for us. Their service and office personnel have been completely kind and pleasant to deal with.I have to give a special shout out to Phylomena (I hope I spelled it correctly) for her fantastic customer service on the phone. As difficult as phone contact can be, she excels in it. I’ve dealt with her several times as our needs have changed and she has been absolutely a joy to deal with."
Diane Vell
20:52 11 Dec 19
"Suburban Propane delivery person did a wonderful job on installing two new propane tanks for our new generate and propane stove. very neat work."
Aileen Farago
17:04 03 Dec 19
"Even though they overlooked a fall delivery and we did not notice Suburban was right on top of taking action to rectify this problem and got an oil delivery to us within 24 hours. They took care to make sure we had heat and hot water until that time too. Customer service was great. Thanks!"
Lori H
10:20 31 Oct 19
"The staff are very friendly and super helpful! Lori is a god send so helpful and friendly! I have been using t suburban propane since 2009 and plan to continue to use them!"
Nicholas Knoll
18:43 30 Oct 19
"They are reliable about deliveries but they are consistently the most expensive propane delivered. Until just this week they had a persistent problem of leaving bills on a doorknob hanger that would blow away and then I would know nothing about the bill till it was overdue. Just today they announced a long overdue program of emailing me when a delivery is made. It's almost like they finally joined the 21st century."
Tom P
14:09 18 Sep 19
"Great Professional Service, Suburban always responded in a timely manner when needed the most...Won't leave you freezing on a cold winter's night..."
Michael Borachok
21:18 19 Aug 19
"I have not had service in quite some time. I am probably due for fuel delivery but it hasn't happened yet. I am concerned because I have run out of oil twice and while I get apologies, it still happens."
Brandon Makres
16:04 13 Aug 19
"I cannot remember the name of the gentlemen who started my service, but he was great and the company accommodated my busy work schedule."
joseph marchese
15:37 24 Jul 19
"Always dependable if I need them"
Maureen Sullivan
15:54 22 May 19
"Always helpful and courteous!"
Michael Grove
17:07 04 Aug 16
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