Serving the propane needs of Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando County areas for over 50 years.



Jerry Houser
16:08 07 Jul 23
"These people did a great JOB. They were here on the scheduled day and time. Very happy with the results. I am a new customer with Suburban Propane and look forward to a great relationship in our future."
Christopher Allard
17:25 26 Jun 23
"We just saw one of your trucks drive the wrong way North on Southbound Seminole Blvd to get into a Dollar General at 125th Ave N and Seminole Blvd. A man rolled out of the truck and went in. We couldn't get the license plate from our vantage point. You need to have a Driving Safety talk if you can figure out which of your drivers it was."
Park President
14:01 23 Jun 23
"Very pleased with the work. Your tech was very capable, and explained everything to us."
Margy Wells
19:20 19 Apr 23
"A great experience! Showed me ways how to save on running propane efficiently and cost effective. Delivery for propane came when they said and prices are as reasonable as can be during this economy!"
Robert Bishop
00:01 21 Jan 23
"Product delivery man clarified with us how much propane we wanted, provided that amount efficiently and trouble free."
Garry Edwards
23:13 01 Dec 22
"I have been very satisfied with all aspects of the services received from Suburban Propane. No complaints here!"
Kathy Galloway
14:22 20 Nov 22
"The Clearwater Suburban Propane’s customer service is fantastic! I was panicking because I needed our propane tank to be turned on after we purchased a new heater. I called Thursday and spoke with Sherry. She was super apologetic and said the first available date would be 12/4/22. I explained to her the urgency, and she understood and transferred me to Joel, SP Manager. Within an hour, he called back to tell me a technician would be here the very next day. Willie, the technician was absolutely fantastic - he come on his day off! Highly recommend Suburban Propane!"
tom johnson
10:47 19 Oct 22
"Suburban Propane has always been excellent and that is just how I thought they operated. However recently during Hurricane IAN I had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing people that work for your company. It all started with Ray a supervisor from a different location (sarasota I believe). the operator gave me Ray's personal mobile because my situation was so dire. Ray not only took my call - he put an order in to expedite a temp tank to be installed so I could get my generator up and running. You see my house was not only destroyed on my lower level I now had neighbors staying in my upper levels because they had no where to go. I need the home generator to operate for basic operation. Next Ralph the incredible tech came- Ralph (originally from NJ now living and working in clearwater) Ralph was helping the hard hit areas adding support for the people in need. Ralph was a rock star- he trouble shot my situation and knew I needed two temp tanks to get up and operating. He made it happen with a smile and a positive attitude during a moment when I need a light to shine. Ray and Ralph were my light that shined on Pine Island. Then came Brian the gas guy- he delivered the needed gas - twice in a week- through all of the rubble on the island. You guys are my heroes. Thank you for all that you do and did. Tom Johnson customer for LIFE"
Mrs DeCoveny
15:14 26 Aug 22
"Awesome prices for propane & great friendly customer service"
CeCe Kiefer
15:27 07 Jun 22
"Our tech was great! Highly recommend"
Vincent Kunz
15:43 13 Apr 22
"Yesterday I had a leaking propane tank.Tom Fenner arrived less than an hr after my call and removed my leaking tank.Tom arrived early this a.m. and started prep for a new tank site.Shortly there after Michael Avery arrived with a new tank and they maneuvered it into a very tight short behind expensive shrubs without any damage.Before they were finished Dan arrived to refill the new tank.In less then 24 hrs job completed just in time for my kids and grandkids who are coming from NJ for Easter vacation and swimming and spa time .Mark, customer service was excellent in understanding my plight and gettting an expedited order completed.Many many KUDOS to the team.VPKunz MDTierre Verde FL"
16:13 02 Mar 22
"I'm in a new home (to me). And on a keep full basis but the previous owners never lived here so the keep full algorithm wasn't consistent with my usage. So, I ran out early one evening when my friend and I were having a dinner party. I called the company's after hours number and within the hour a very kind gentleman was at my house, filled my tanks, made sure my gas appliances were working. Excellent service."
Candy “RAVENSKY” Payne
14:41 28 Jan 22
"Had to call for I'm a tenant and tank was very low. They were out the next morning. David G. Was fast and thorough at his job. Thank you Mark for calling me to make sure everything was well. Great job Suburban Propane."
Mano Tiki Tia
17:53 14 Oct 21
"I am a new customer to suburban propane. I had my in-laws staying at my new place in South Pasadena. I called SP and they said they were 3 weeks out to get my tank hooked up. Holy cow, my in-laws were not going to have hot water almost there entire stay. My new buddy Marc setup my account and pulled some strings to get a service tech. out the next day. Really did save my but. In-laws are happy. Thank you, Suburban Propane."
Thomas Obrien
15:10 07 Oct 21
"The service is outstanding. The service man always does great job making sure everything is working so i have nice warm pool."
Raymond Legatti
14:15 12 Aug 21
"Excellent service and communication, as a new customer I am very satisfied with my to date experience."
Bob Lopes
19:10 01 Jul 21
"They have been fabulous to deal with in terms of getting inspection of my tank and scheduling first delivery. Marc has been great at communicating and letting me know status at evert step of the process; including making it easy to establish an online account. Great experience so far."
Gail Warner
14:56 22 Apr 21
"We ran out of propane and we called them. We also asked for a new tank, one with a gauge on it. They came out the next day and switched it out and checked out our appliances (relit the pilot on the hot water tank). They answered our questions and handled themselves professionally and very friendly. We highly recommend them for all your propane needs."
Aaron Swift
14:08 18 Mar 21
"Suburban Propane has been amazing since we moved to our new house with a propane tank that heats the spa. Great communication and service!"
Patricia Johnson
22:23 31 Jan 21
"I highly recommend Suburban Propane and gave them a 5 star rating. They are very professional; customer focused, and answered all my questions since I was a new customer. Renee went above and beyond in meeting my needs and I really appreciated her follow-through on my request."
Donald Smith
01:30 12 Dec 20
"Jason H did exceptional work at my home today and I had lots of questions since I have never owned a pool before. He was more than glad to explain what he was doing as he went along with his work. And I am very happy with the service I got."
Priscilla Baker
22:10 20 Nov 20
"Great Service, extremely high price! Next time I will compare pricing!"
Steve Stratton
19:30 16 Nov 20
"Excellent company to deal with. They explain everything very thoroughly."
Maureen Radtke
20:36 28 Oct 20
"My experience with Suburban Propane did not start out a pleasurable one that is why I gave only 4 stars. The key was to call back and talk to someone else who was much friendlier and very helpful. Suburban Propane in Treasure Island came through for us after many emails and phone calls. Thank you for squeezing these new home owners into your schedule and giving us hot showers again! We are very appreciative to your employee Marc Ralis for outstanding customer service!"
Edgar Campolo
23:56 19 Jul 20
"Their service is great. Mark was helpful and really nice."
00:40 10 Mar 20
"Thank you for sending the delivery person to my house as scheduled. He delivered the gas quickly and professionally. I really appreciate your service."
Robyn Burton
00:17 10 Mar 20
"Thank you for making this an easy transition. Mark was extremely helpful, knowledgeable , and had a great customer experience. Thanks again"
21:55 09 Mar 20
"Excellent customer service, professional office staff. All around great company to do business with. A big thank you to Mr. Morris for getting our fireplace hooked up, very considerate and caring supervisor. Again thank you for all your help. Brett"
Amelia Antonelli
20:27 20 Feb 20
"They were able to work me in the same day for a tank inspection (odor was present) and a fill. Originally it was 4 days out for the inspection, but they got me in for the same day (within hours of call). Courteous, Efficient and Fast. I recommend Suburban Propane."
Andy Sidari
18:21 12 Feb 20
"Want to start off by saying our experiences with Suburban have been outstanding in the past, you guys have always gone well above and beyond. Unfortunately the most recent experience was not quite at that level. We began smelling gas and called in for a repair, the response time was great and someone was out within a couple of hours. The leak was determined to be at the tank and we were told a temporary fix had been put in place and that we needed to empty the tank (10% remaining) so that a permanent fix could be made, this was on a Friday. Made sense at the time however the next morning when I went to use our range gas. Thinking this was good news I called back into the service center to see if anything could be done over the weekend so we might be able to use our rangetop or grill (both attached to the tank). We were told nothing could be done until Monday. Long story short when some came out on Monday morning we found the tank had actually been turned off and there was indeed still gas available. The tank was eventually replaced so all is good now though not having gas over the weekend was a bit of an inconvenience in particular because we had intended to have friends over to watch the Superbowl.On a side note we were also billed for a large refill, called that in and someone is investigating for me as I really don't think we should have to pay for gas lost through a leak.I put this review at 4 stars because everyone we talked to was extremely courteous and our previous experiences have been stellar, just writing this one off as a bad day.Best Regards,Andy9"
Bill Carey
23:22 03 Dec 19
"Great service and great attention to customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend them! Tom Fenner is fantastic"
21:48 13 Nov 19
"Friendly and attentive. They went out of their way to accommodate my needs and deliver fairly priced, prompt service."
Susan Harrell
18:43 05 Nov 19
"I just wanted to commend Marc Ralis for his outstanding customer service. He went above and beyond to help me with a situation and he does an amazing job every time I need something. Marc is fantastic, I hope everyone gets the opportunity to work with such a helpful gentleman! -Helen"
Shawn Margolin
17:23 23 Oct 19
"Friendly service...and they go the extra mile, even for a single tank customer!"
nicholas babich
11:15 09 Oct 19
"A company is as good as it's people. Always friendly and responsive!"
Henry Howell
23:15 11 Sep 19
"No worries about the service, they are here to fill our storage tank like clockwork. Very dependable & friendly."
Ervin Burke
19:55 30 Aug 19
"In early August I had cause to call Suburban Propane at their St. Pete number and spoke with a very kind, compassionate and delightful customer service representative named Cheri Williams. I've since spoken with her on subsequent occasions and been treated with the same gracious attention. She was a pleasure to work with and was able to assist me right from the start and resolve my problem. I hope Suburban Propane truly appreciates what a gem of an employee they have in Cheri Williams. Linda B."
micki welsh
15:15 27 Aug 19
"Any issue I may have had with with Suburban Propane, has always been handled professionally. I have been with Suburban for 16 years. They have always listened to my issue or concern and tried their best to satisfy my needs.I have been especially pleased with the phone service I have received by their representative, Mark Rallis. He’s a true consumer consultant and problem solver."
Anne and Tom Othen
13:46 08 Mar 19
"Very responsive and helpful on the phone"
Julie White
15:13 31 Jan 18
"1000 times nicer, more professional, and helpful than Amerigas, who couldn’t be bothered to even be polite when I called about service in a house we just bought. Suburban was amazing on every interaction, and the installer, Tom, went above and beyond to help and advise with our non functioning fireplace. Couldn’t be more pleased!"
Jim Barbee
12:20 24 Feb 17
"Staff very friendly & knowledgeable about propane. We utilize them both for home & store refill purposes. Fill all size tanks. Prices reasonable. Have had no problems or concerns. Even switch out large tank quickly at home when it was unsafe. Have been doing business with them for years with no complaints."
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