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Krystal Cornell
16:05 31 Jan 23
"Customer service is outstanding here. Even before we were a customer, they showed compassion for my family and the terrible situation we had been put into. The offered personal assistance, and gave us as much help information and knowledge as possible. As we were putting things into place, they were quick, informative, kind, and easy to work with. We certainly appreciate everything everyone here did, to make us comfortable, help with the transition, and get us up and running. We recommend them to anyone, in any situation!!!"
Josue Caraballo
15:43 18 Dec 22
"Easy transaction via app, tank filled within the indicated time frame. Reasonable prices."
Darian Falcone
08:01 25 Oct 22
"I have been a customer of 4+ years for heating oil and propane. last season I elected for auto bill pay. I received a new bank card a few months into contract and forgot to update me bank info. 3 months go by and receive a phone call that my payment was 3 months over due and that I had to pay my invoice in full. We decided to obviously catch up on the 3 months past due and I thought I was still paying on the payment plan to only find out 5 months later I getting charged a late fee each month of around $35 plus my auto payment of $75. Called them back to only find out that because my auto pay plan was canceled and that I am paying only a portion of the balance and because I have paid the entire balance in full that I was being charged a late fee each month until balance in full is paid. I had no idea this was the case and no help was given. Then to top it off I no longer wanted propane from Suburban Propane due to their lack of customer service and outrageous prices for service. I called them to pick up the tank I rent from them and ask if there is any service fees associated with this and Joanne told me no. I also had some propane left over and asked if they credit that to my account which they did but to only find out they charged me $160 to remove there tank from my property that I also paid $80 a year to rent and buy gas for. Don’t recommend them or there service to anyone. AC&T chargers me no fees for a tank and the gas is half as cheap as well. There rep lives 5 minutes from me and has come to my residence already to chat with me and clearly describe the price grid and customer service has been polite and cordial.Customer service called me back a few days later, was very understanding about the situation and helped resolve all issue that I had. Thank you very much for your assistance"
Kalpna Christian
13:59 27 Sep 22
"Very nice team and tech guy was very helpful and he tested everything out before he leaving."
Tammy Marcin
11:00 23 Jun 20
"Great service and prompt attention to issues with propane tank."
Richard Landis
15:53 29 Jan 20
"I live at a location that can be inaccessible for days at a time in the winter and so far they`ve kept my tanks full.That is very important to me.Thank you."
Jeanne Clevenger
21:02 08 Jan 20
"We have been customers of Suburban propane for many years. We have been pleased with all their services. We were so happy when you delivered recently. I am always happier when I know we have a full tank. Everyone there has always been courteous and helpful."
Darlene Carbaugh
12:09 06 Jan 20
"Great service don’t know why I had to pay ahead now have a bigger credit than before great company"
Rose Roberts
13:52 18 Dec 19
Edward Bowman
20:34 17 Dec 19
"Quick Reliable and easy. At a great price."
Constance Murdorf
18:08 05 Dec 19
"We have never had any issues; that has made us very confident in your company. A couple times I called and was helped immediately!!!!Thank you!"
Galen Burkholder
17:59 24 Apr 17
John Kramb
16:37 20 Dec 16
"I smelled propane this morning, and immediately called for service. The woman (Nicole?) who answered the phone was polite, friendly and professional. The repairman was on the scene within an hour and a half. He diagnosed the problem, and quickly fixed it by replacing the regulator.He then made sure that all the propane appliances were operating safely.Well done, Suburban!"
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