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Joseph Barzotti
22:04 12 Aug 23
"customer service extremely nice. explained charges but neglected to include transportation charges which is one of their billing charges. Other company never charged me for this.not pleased."
00:31 08 Aug 23
"Suburban came the next day, checked my tank and filled it with competitively priced propane. Carmella was a pleasure to deal with. No nonsense about where are you using propane, like all the other propane distributers do, so they can maximize their price per gallon. I checked with other local distributers. Suburban was competitive. Their service was the same as I want my people to treat my customers. As long as they stay competitive, they will be back for the next refill."
Kathleen J Zazza
14:57 01 Aug 23
"Suburban Propane is a tremendously professional business on all levels. I have dealt with them for 23 years and have never had a problem. Recently I redid my kitchen and needed my propane needs updated. They were absolutley wonderful....scheduling was done without a problem, always on time and all did a wonderful job. Whether it was Guilda, Carmelina or Andrew on the phone to give information and do the scheduling, all was done with professionalism and concern. Rob was professional in all aspects of his role in this job. The final portion was connecting my new could find noone better than Bob and Eddie. They were pleasant, tenacious and concerned that the work was perfect. Such a pleasure to deal with! A class act organization with tremendous employees."
George Dahari
18:30 14 Jun 23
"I was extremely upset with my bill and I called and flipped out on not one but 2 employees, I hung up the phone and drove down to the office and spoke to Anthony, the office Manager. Even though I was extremely upset Anthony remained very composed and professional. He got me to calm down without telling me to calm down. Cause that’s would have driven me crazy. Anyway, because he was so understanding as to why I was so frustrated and upset and he offered solutions and not excuses. I left the office calmer, laughing and my problem was resolved. Anthony did ask me to just give him a call the next time something is off with their service and allow him to make it right. Thank you Anthony for being a gentleman and a professional. I’m back to being a very happy customer."
A. Montoya
16:37 04 Apr 23
"We have used. Suburban Propane for over 20 years and always found them exceptional. Not only are they very responsive and professional but also incredibly nice people. I want to single out Anthony Ramsey-Quinnones who. was so incredibly proactive,friendly and. helpful with. account recently. Thank you for the great service Suburban!"
Barry Cash
17:41 09 Feb 23
"I recently had a need to engage a new provider of propane. We use it s for our cooktop. Unfortunately our tank location is more than 150 feet from the road, so many companies don’t carry sufficient hose to reach us. Another company we engaged promised they could do so - but after two site visits they admitted they could not - so they proposed a tank swap program. After contracting with them and paying a substantial tank rental and installation fee - three weeks later they informed us they no longer sell new tank swap programs.We reached out to Suburban and we’re fortunate to speak to Charles Zarcone in Brewster. He indicated that they do have a swap program. - and that he would gladly come out the next day for a site visit. He did, and then met with his technician who had additional questions to be sure the tank size was sufficient. They came back a second time to measure actual distance from road to tank - and the. Informed us that they did have trucks that could reach so we would t need the swap program. This all occurred within a few days of my initial contact with Suburban. Three days later, my brand new tank was installed and connected. The tank was delivered with 10 gallons of fuel in it so I was back in business. The installer, who had been with the firm for years, could not have been more proficient and professional. It was installed on the day where the thermometer was several degrees below zero and with the windchill we were at 25 below zero. But he did his job with a smile - then checked our cooktop to be sure all was working properly. As he left that morning he told us that we would get a delivery to fill our tank within a week. We were surprised when a few hours later another Suburban truck rolled up to fill our newly installed tank. On the SAME Day!We could not be happier with Suburban. We are not a big client nor will we be a large account for them - but their service, their responsiveness, their willingness to go above and beyond for a customer makes them heads and shoulders above their competition. Thanks to all at the Brewster location - Charles, Anthony, and the individuals who installed our tank and filled it. I could not offer higher praise for all of you and all that you did for us. You have earned our business and we will happily recommend you to anyone who needs a top notch propane provider. Thank you!"
Joe Morocco
18:15 28 Dec 22
"Great experience! Timely call back to our holiday emergency gas outage. Our service representative Eddie was awesome ! He was knowledgeable, friendly, respectful and caring. He had saved our holiday family gathering for Christmas Eve! Thanks Eddie!!! You are the man! And thanks Suburban for having service techs like Eddie!"
Rick James
23:30 02 Nov 22
"The gentlemen was very professional he came and install the tanks explain to me what i needed to do and left"
Jossette West
16:49 19 Aug 22
"I would highly recommend Suburban Propane to other individuals who have no experience of dealing with propane. The company made the process very easy to understand and their professionalism I rate 10/10. Thank you Suburban propane!"
Norman Forbes
10:27 20 Jul 22
"Ran out of propane and within a couple of hours the truck was here! Wonderful!"
17:28 12 Oct 21
"Always on time, helpful in emergencies and pleasant to deal with"
Eileen Farney
16:49 17 Aug 21
"Been with them for decades and they are always there for me when needed."
William Monti
10:35 05 Aug 21
"Office people are friendly, helpful and courteous. Last delivery person was efficient and knowledgeable when I asked for help to see if I had a leak in one of my tanks/line/heater. Would suggest using them to others."
Kelly Ellenwood
15:52 28 Jul 21
"Great customer service!"
Tina Bermudez
20:32 28 Oct 20
"I'm a new customer of Suburban Propane, I called them the day I moved in, after I realizing the propane was off I spoke to Gilda she was GREAT!!!, she emailed me the paper work I needed to get the service turned on ,the next day they were at my house turning everything back on . I have to say every one I spoke to and dealt with was friendly and professional. Tina Bermudez"
Pat Stellacci
21:33 06 Jul 20
"Suburban Propane let us know we were due for a fill up; came when they said and the driver checked out the generator and informed us about a yellow warning light that he saw. We did now know that the light existed but he showed me where it was which prompted us to call our Generac technician who came out to take care of it. The driver said it was just something he does when he makes deliveries. GREAT JOB!!!! and thanks."
Dale A Cusack
21:37 22 Jun 20
"Friendly and knowledgeable delivery people that helped identify an issue I needed to take care of for my generator."
Phil Bayer
19:07 12 Feb 20
"Driver faced unpredictable weather and our long, steep driveway to deliver top off for mid-winter; great persistence in scheduling by office staff; thank you much !"
Irene Lotito
17:41 12 Feb 20
"Customer service is excellent. They are very helpful with any question . All inquiries are answered in a timely manner. I would recommend suburban propane to anyone. Deliveries are done on time."
Brenda Gable
14:55 09 Jan 20
"Very knowledgeable and personable young man performed a leak test for me."
Dave Abby
19:59 12 Nov 19
"Suburban propane has done an excellent job as my propane provider. Recently they came out and leveled My tank, moved it away from the house and did a very quality job on the work order."
William Garvey
18:39 31 Oct 19
"Excellent customer service ! Quick delivery times. They're great !"
Tom Raffaelli
18:40 28 Aug 19
"I received a delivery of propane that I did not request with a very high minimum purchase price. Suburban rep was able to rescind the charges and I only paid for the amount of propane I received at the regular price. Also my account changed to no automatic delivery as I requested. Outstanding service!"
Diane Stellacci
23:35 27 Jun 19
"Always pleasant customer service; scheduled deliveries convenient and on time"
William Clark
17:50 27 Jun 19
"Your customer service rep, Charlene Todd was very helpful in following up on and resolving a concern raised by one of your drivers who had expressed some concern regarding the access to our house. I would like to thank her again for her help."
John Militano
17:15 12 May 19
"People are helpful, polite, and stay in touch with you when there is an issue till its rectified. Makes doing business quite a pleasant action that you don't dread as with some companies."
Edwin Rivas
15:31 08 May 19
"Suburban has provided “consistent” superior and friendly customer care. They are very knowledgeable and experienced. I used them many years ago with my pool and most recently with my cooktop. They arranged everything nicely and seamlessly. Special thanks to Gilda and Jeanne for their patience and guidance provided."
Edwin Rivas
15:31 08 May 19
"Suburban has provided “consistent” superior and friendly customer care. They are very knowledgeable and experienced. I used them many years ago with my pool and most recently with my cooktop. They arranged everything nicely and seamlessly. Special thanks to Gilda and Jeanne for their patience and guidance provided."
Joseph Sackson
15:34 30 Apr 19
"When I moved into my house the previous owners had used Suburban for years and highly recommended them I have received nothing but great service in the 6 months I have used them"
Elizabeth Sportiello
16:04 25 Apr 19
"Have been with Surburban since 1975. That shows that I am very pleased."
Francisco Valencia
20:34 23 Apr 19
"I use Suburban Propane services to fill my propane tank. Never had a problem. I bought a new stove and to my surprise, I needed to schedule an appointment with Suburban Propane to take the old stove out and then install the new stove. They were able to do both jobs in one day. They gave me a time window in which I needed to have the stove delivered. Although the delivery company cut it close, Suburban Propane held over past the given time frame and got the job done. No questions asked. Rob, the technician was great and Jean was extremely helpful and kept contact with us to make sure we had everything we needed. Two thumbs up."
15:05 03 Apr 19
"Had a tank replacement scheduled for today because the gauge wasn't reading at all. Bob the technician/installer came over to change the tank today. While inspecting the tank i have - he gave it a good shake and the gauge reactivated - good sense of knowing to "measure twice and cut once" - No replacement tank needed. Customer service also called within 10 minutes of Bob leaving and Jean was very nice - good followup. Thanks guys!"
Mitch Berliner
14:59 18 Mar 18
"During the recent storm Mariann was a lifesaver... she was able to expedite delivery to our home and really provided a great customer experience. Great Job Mariann - I appreciate what you did for our household and thanks to Suburban Propane for keeping our house generator running during a "no power" situation."
Alex Fokine
17:52 05 Sep 17
"Great place to work"
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