Tim Van allen
19:56 20 Oct 20
"I was shocked. So I am leaving three stars for this reason. Once we started moving forward with the process they moved quickly to set us up and were very fast. We had a steep hill to negotiate and they got it done.The reason two stars is what happened with their inspector he was rude as the blazes to my wife. Whe. A problem was told to her no options were offered just there was a problem when I arrived the gentleman immediately was nice and presented several options.This happens he may not have known options at first. However when my business partner was there for the install the same inspector from before made it a point to tell him how much he did not like my wife.I have not even bothered to express this to the manager yet. I did not find out about this until just a few days ago and am still formulating my thoughts. As to how to discuss this with them. It is disturbing at bestI recognize this tech does not represent the entire company but this was a bad expierience no question. At best he should be trained on common courtesy of not bad mouthing a customer at their own house!"
jlmcatee4 .
20:58 15 Jan 20
"Offered the best price, showed up when they said they were going to, friendly driver. No complaints!"
Robert Andrews
15:00 27 Dec 19
"For a number of reasons the North Lamar location was not refilling propane bottles when I needed to resupply the Austin Baptist Association Disaster Relief Team's generator trailer tanks. When I explained that I needed the tanks refilled on a disaster relief unit, they found a technician to fill the tanks. On short notice I was able to get our disaster relief unit ready to deploy if needed. Thanks to the entire team at the North Lamar location of Suburban Propane for their willingness to go the extra mile."
Danny Brooks
20:24 26 Dec 19
"The folks at Suburban Propane are first rate and customer conscious. I've met a couple of the drivers and they're good people as well."
Bob Crain
16:40 14 Dec 19
"Best buy on gas in the area. Thx!Thanks"
Ray Ray
10:53 03 Sep 17
Will Shumaker
01:28 07 Feb 17
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