Back in the spring of 2017 our Tigard, OR location received a phone call from their local Fire Department requesting a propane delivery. The propane company that was scheduled to make the delivery had cancelled at the last minute and they were in a scramble to find another propane company that could make a delivery in time for their Cadet training program. 

Our team in Tigard, OR saw this as an opportunity to help support their local community and chose to donate the propane. As a result, they were invited to come watch the Cadets’ training. During their training the Cadets learned how to use the Jaws of Life, how to adjust water pressure using a bowling ball and had fire simulations involving a 3 story building and a car utilizing two propane tanks. These exercises taught these cadets the teamwork needed to support and move the heavy fire hose. 

This year they trained a total of 60 students in live fire training and leadership skills. This experience is extremely valued by the students and they find it to be “the best time of their schooling lives”. We are very proud to sponsor this important training program in our local community. #SuburbanCares