We Couldn’t Have Done it Without Suburban Propane!

When the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) decided to produce a new Mobile Crane Safety Program, they knew just who to approach to provide expert assistance and input… Suburban Propane. “Suburban Propane professionals have provided incredibly valuable input to other PERC programs,” said Stuart Flatow, PERC’s VP of Safety & Training, “so that’s why we asked their assistance for this initiative. They always step up big-time when needed, especially to advance safety for the propane industry’s workforce and customers.”

The impetus for developing this program is a new regulation under OSHA’s set of construction standards that apply to crane operator qualifications and certification requirements. “When PERC came to us,” says Brent S., Suburban Propane’s Northeast Fleet Supervisor, “our first order of business was to brainstorm, to come up with a format that would be most effective in getting out the desired message. Joining our effort were Training Manager John M. and Western NY’s Service Manager, Paul C. “We weren’t the only propane marketer that PERC involved in this project, but I believe we gave them a number of ideas they didn’t consider initially. I think the quality of the finished product reflects the level of thought and work that went into it. They did a good job.”

The complete multimedia program includes a DVD that highlights best practices, a CD that provides a training manual, a quiz, an instructor guide, a series of crane safety talk handouts,and a PowerPoint® classroom presentation.

PERC was very grateful for the assistance they received from Suburban Propane and the other individuals and companies that lent a hand, and expressed their appreciation in a full-page ad they took out in LPGas magazine.

“The crane operator program has proven to be of great value to the industry, and we could not have done it with-out Suburban Propane’s help.”