Earlier this month our Safety/Technical Training Departments and Area Techs were offered the opportunity to attend a Propane Emergencies Training course at Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). They had the privilege of having Mike Hildebrand and Greg Noll as their trainers for the course, who are well known in our industry as the experts on propane emergencies and authors of the “Propane Emergencies” manuals used to train Emergency Responders as well as industry personnel. They have also published at least six books on Hazardous Materials Emergency Response. Some of our staff were brave enough to “suit up” in firefighter turnout gear and help with the simulated propane emergencies. Karl Dannhaeuser, driver from our Willis, TX location brought one of our bobtail trucks to the site to initiate an in-depth discussion on the numerous safety lessons the group has learned over the many years of service at Suburban Propane.  #SuburbanCares

TEEX has become a comprehensive training provider through more than 80 years of extension training by placing safety and wellbeing above all and by focusing on prevention and response.