Meet Jeff Ricker, Service Technician from our Chester, NY location and a proud member of Team Suburban Propane. Jeff has been a volunteer firefighter for 27 years, and he’s a hero in every sense of the word. The ultimate proof of his commendable heroism happened on January 12, 2018, when he was driving his work truck through the Village of Florida. Seeing smoke and flames coming from a house, Jeff immediately took action and rescued a 92-year-old man trapped inside. Fire and police officials say a few more minutes and the man wouldn’t have made it.

According to Jeff: “I know a lot of people view it as me going above and beyond, and that I did something remarkable.  27 years in the fire department, I was trained for it, plus nine years in the military. You react.”

We are very proud of Jeff and thankful for his heroism and dedication! #SuburbanCares #Cintas #EverydayImpact