As we look back on 2021, we realize this was another challenging year for many families in underserved communities, many of whom struggled for even the basic necessities. In 2020, much of our SuburbanCares efforts were dedicated to feeding healthcare workers at hospitals in hard-hit regions of the country. In 2021, the SuburbanCares corporate pillar centered on serving the communities in which we live and operate, as we shifted our focus to organizations that assist women and children in areas substantially impacted by the pandemic. During that time, many non-profit organizations remained open to serve working families, and resources were stretched thin.

They coached children through on-line schooling and families through crises, and while many programs have returned to a more reasonable sense of normalcy, the ongoing financial aftermath of the pandemic has left a significant impact. Through the SuburbanCares initiatives, Suburban Propane staff from different regions worked with these organizations to provide support, essential items, and supplies most needed; from clothing, toiletries, and toys to hot meals and equipment. The amount of gratitude shown was overwhelming and we are incredibly grateful to be able to bring joy and comfort to families across the U.S. during this time.