Summer season has made it’s debut and that means people are gearing up for camping and RV travel. It’s not uncommon that open-road travel can become pricey with numerous expenses to consider like fuel, heat and appliances, food, attractions, and more. When it comes to energizing your motorhome, propane is the most cost-effective and efficient choice!

Here’s how propane is an effective energy source to power your RV to help you travel comfortably!

Rather than relying on a combination of energy sources to run an RV, propane is multifunctional allowing travelers to streamline powering and heating their RV. Appliances like fridges can stay cold and ovens or grills heat quickly making cooking effortless. Travelers can stay refreshed knowing they can easily run a tankless or portable water heater for warm showers at any time. Overall, powering an RV with propane is more efficient and cost-effective than using gas or electricity making it perfect for off-the-grid travel.

Nowadays the expression ‘RV living’ takes on a new meaning with people traveling and living out of more than just the standard motorhome or camper vehicle. Individuals are transforming vans and school buses into RV-style vehicles to comfortably live and explore the country. While implementing sustainable ways to do so.

Propane is a clean, green energy and when burned it produces fewer greenhouse gases than its counterpart fuels. The gas is non-toxic and won’t pollute or contaminate air, water, or soil making it eco-friendly. Road travel living enables people to explore scenic views and experience nature all across the country, and propane can give peace of mind regarding its environmental impact.

Versatile, sustainable, and a reliable energy source, it’s clear why propane is the fuel of choice for people who enjoy life on the road. Plus, it’s easy to refill your propane tank on the road with thousands of Suburban Propane locations and authorized resellers across the country. Propane offers travelers comfort and functionality to seamlessly power their exploration.