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How Propane Autogas is saving the Earth, while still Powering Light-Duty Fleets

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Why Choose Propane? Propane Autogas is a clean alternative fuel approved under the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the third most popular vehicle fuel worldwide behind gasoline and diesel.

Propane is commonly used to fuel buses, trucks, vans, shuttles, taxicabs, police and government vehicles. Choosing Suburban Propane as your Autogas supplier will connect you with our strategic partners providing you with the best options for vehicles and equipment!


  • Light and Medium Duty OEM: You have choices when it comes to selecting the right vehicles for your fleet. Light-duty and medium models are available from major manufacturers with a variety of style and performance packages.
  • Conversions: Suburban Propane works with a variety of partners offering EPA/CARB certified conversions for a large number of vehicles. Let Suburban Propane help you determine if your existing fleet is eligible for a conversion.

Municipal fleets including patrol vehicles and maintenance vehicles, are perfect for converting to propane. Contact Suburban Propane’s Autogas Consultants at 1-800-643-7137 NATIONALACCOUNTS@SUBURBANPROPANE.COM to help determine the vehicle option that is best for your fleet.


With Suburban Propane as your energy partner, you benefit from quality refueling equipment, reliable fuel delivery, and safety trained professionals to serve you. We install a variety of on-site refueling stations and dispensing equipment tailored to the needs of your fleet. With over 675 company locations nationwide, Suburban Propane can make daily, weekly or monthly Autogas deliveries based on your usage needs. Whatever you require, Suburban Propane has the right options and services for your business.


Because propane Autogas is a clean, American-made fuel, there are a number of incentives to encourage adoption. Contact Suburban and let one of our Autogas specialists help you determine the best vehicle option for your fleet!


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