Last month Aaron Bickley, our CSC Manager from our South Central IN location, stopped to help two stranded Army soldiers on the side of the road with a flat tire near the office. The soldiers were on their way to Evansville when their vehicle broke down on one of the hottest days of the summer. They were informed they had a 6-7 hour wait time until they would get assistance with their broken down vehicle. Aaron stopped and left his personal vehicle with them so they could enjoy waiting for roadside assistance in an air conditioned vehicle. Aaron was able to get a ride back to the office from a co-worker, but not before buying the soldiers lunch and cold drinks. This is truly an example of going above and beyond to serve our community!

The soldiers were shocked by the kind gesture and Aaron’s generosity. After telling this story to their superiors, word traveled all the way up to the Major General, the Adjutant General of Indiana. The Army wanted to thank Aaron, so they presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation and a gold coin from the Major General. According to one of the soldiers that Aaron assisted, “Aaron’s gesture will not go unseen and its days and acts like this, that gives me hope for our country and joy to wear this uniform and serve my state and country.”

According to Aaron, “it’s not about recognition or money (since the soldiers tried to pay him for gas and food and he wouldn’t accept it). It’s about people helping people and there’s not enough of that going around these days.”