Meet Jim Keller, our Region Coordinator from our Minoa NY location. He has been a proud member of Team Suburban Propane for 8 years. According to Jim, “A few of the reasons I’ve stayed with Suburban Propane are that my job offers the satisfaction of being able to contribute to something greater than just a local office. I enjoy working for a large company and serving multiple Customer Service Centers, where I’ve been given a degree of comfort and flexibility to do my job that I’ve never experienced elsewhere. I’m allowed to make decisions that, within my area of responsibility, can at times affect the entire region. My contributions are always appreciated and welcomed by my managers and my colleagues in the field. Last but not least, I am surrounded by awesome colleagues and management who are always willing to help, provide information when I need it, and encourage me to evolve professionally.” Jim has always been someone who likes to help others. He gets a lot of satisfaction from doing what he can to make the jobs of his managers and Customer Service Centers easier, whether it’s providing information, answering questions or knowing that his work contribution is helping others to meet their goals and is what he enjoys the most about his job with Suburban Propane. He recommends working at Suburban Propane because the company offers flexibility, a great work/life balance, along with an almost unlimited potential for career growth. “I am also proud to work for a company that has contributed to our effort as a nation to help our local communities through these difficult circumstances. Through the company’s SuburbanCares initiatives, they worked with Chick-fil-A in Cicero in April to deliver 1,250 boxed meals to workers of Crouse Health here in Syracuse. Additionally, their ongoing work with the Red Cross is impressive and shows the company’s dedication to all in the community.”