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Community Propane Systems

A Scalable, Flexible Option for Builders and Developers: With a propane community system, you can give homeowners the convenience of a metered gas system, independent of the natural gas grid.


What is a Community Propane System?

Community propane systems provide a scalable and flexible energy solution for builders and developers, delivering propane gas heat for a community from a central tank, or multiple tanks. In addition to homes, which have individual gas meters, community systems can also power other amenities such as standby generators, pools, clubhouses, and gas lighting.

Not only can it make a community more marketable and help builders meet environmentally friendly energy and installation practices, homeowners will enjoy the benefit of a community system that allows them to preserve the aesthetics of their yard while not giving up the comfort, performance, and efficiency of gas appliances.


When development sites are located off the natural gas main, the developer often faces massive costs for the extension of gas mains to the site. In addition, the home builder’s product is vastly enhanced by the installation of gas applications inside the home — such as space heating, water heating, and kitchen and laundry appliances — as well as popular outdoor applications such as pool heaters, outdoor kitchens, and stand by generators.

In a community propane distribution system, a central propane tank is installed above or below ground in a low visibility, common area on the edge of a development. Underground gas mains are then run to individual lots, and, as homes are built, meters are installed. Community systems are flexible enough to handle a few houses or a neighborhood with thousands of homes. The systems are essentially underground piped gas distribution networks that are designed to be virtually identical to natural gas systems. They can be installed almost anywhere in the United States.

Courtesy of Propane Education Research Council


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