Meet our Sales Representative for Autogas, Christina Roberts who has been with Team Suburban Propane for almost 4 years. Christina was hired to develop the Autogas Division of Suburban Propane. With a background in sales, propane is something she always enjoyed being involved in, particularly Autogas. According to Christina, “No project is ever the same. While there are similarities, they are all different which keeps it interesting and challenging.”

Christina has been instrumental in working with several school districts in the conversion of their school bus fleets to Autogas, as well as the installation of their fill stations. These districts have repowered their existing buses for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new buses. Not only does this save schools money for the technology and operationally, but also provides the children with significantly cleaner air to breathe and healthier environment. School districts can save as much as 50% by repurposing old buses rather than purchasing a new fleet, which allows schools to put money back where it belongs—in the classroom. A propane powered school bus is 93% more cost-effective than clean diesel and 66% more cost-effective than electric.

In addition to school districts, she has also worked with several beverage and transit companies who have taken advantage of the cost savings and green benefits of converting their fleet to propane.

Christina has remained a dedicated employee for several years now because “Suburban Propane is one of the only companies I have been with that actually cares for their customers AND their employees. In sales, it’s about building relationships. I have met some great leaders in this company that give me the freedom to raise a family and work on my career.”

In her spare time, Christina enjoys snow skiing, scuba diving, cooking/baking, fitness and spending time with her family.

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