Suburban Propane HQ

Our Management

Executive Management

Michael A. Stivala
President and Chief Executive Officer
Michael A. Kuglin
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer
Paul Abel
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Steven C. Boyd
Senior Vice President, Operations
Douglas T. Brinkworth
Senior Vice President, Product Supply, Purchasing and Logistics
Neil Scanlon
Senior Vice President, Information Services
A. Davin D'Ambrosio
Vice President and Treasurer
Keith P. Onderdonk
Vice President, Operational Support
Sandra N. Zwickel
Vice President, Human Resources
Daniel S. Bloomstein

Board of Supervisors

Harold Logan, Jr. (Chairman) **
Lawrence C. Caldwell *
Matthew J. Chanin **
Terence J. Connors *
William M. Landuyt *
John Hoyt Stookey **
Jane Swift *
Michael A. Stivala

* Member of Nominating/Governance Committee and Audit Committee
** Member of Nominating/Governance Committee and Compensation Committee