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Automatic Delivery

With Automatic Delivery, your fuel deliveries are scheduled for you. You don’t have to check your tank, call for a delivery, or worry about running out of fuel. We do that all for you!

Your satisfaction, comfort and safety is our top priority. We feel strongly that there is no better way to meet this goal than with Automatic Delivery:

  • Provides you with a reliable supply of fuel
  • You won’t have to keep checking the level of fuel in your tank!
  • When you need fuel, you won’t need to call — your delivery will already be scheduled for you.

The convenience and peace-of-mind that comes with Automatic Delivery can be enhanced with our Budget Payment Plan, which allows you to spread your fuel expenses over the year, affording you the benefit of a consistent monthly payment.

We want to deliver exactly what you need.

Suburban’s automatic delivery service is backed by one of the most advanced forecasting and delivery routing systems in the country. It allows us to deliver exactly what you need to stay comfortable all year round.

Deliveries are scheduled using advanced calculations that measure your current usage, daily temperatures in your area, an estimate of your own future usage as well as other factors to determine when the next delivery will be needed. This all allows us to very accurately predict when you will need a fuel delivery.

Of course, if your fuel usage changes, you should give us a call so we can adjust accordingly.