Commercial Fleet Autogas Benefits2017-08-18T16:22:01-04:00

Fleet Autogas

The clean-burning, economical alternative to gasoline

School districts, municipalities, shuttle operators, cab companies, and fleets across the country are benefiting from the competitive advantages of propane autogas:

  • Lower fuel costs: Propane autogas typically costs less than gasoline or diesel on a mile-for-mile basis, which can result in significant savings over time. State and federal tax incentives can further increase savings.
  • Lower operating costs: Since propane autogas burns cleaner than either gasoline or diesel, oil changes and routine maintenance costs may decrease. With less wear and tear on engines fueled by propane autogas, the life of the vehicles may also be extended.
  • Fewer emissions: Propane autogas is a clean-burning fuel and – because of its lower carbon content – is more environmentally friendly than gasoline or diesel fuel.
  • Convenient Fueling Options: On-site propane autogas refueling stations are less expensive to install than natural gas or diesel stations. Let one of our autogas experts help you determine the system that’s right for your fleet fueling needs.