Weather Emergencies

Weather Emergencies

Be prepared for weather-related emergencies.

Flooding — If a flood is predicted for your area or your gas-fired appliance(s) or equipment has been submerged due to flooding:

  • Turn off the gas valve at the container or cylinder.
  • DO NOT turn the gas back on until a qualified service technician has checked the system.

Heavy Snow or Ice — Heavy accumulations of snow or ice on regulators, piping, tubing and valves may cause damage that could result in a gas leak. Regulator vents must remain clear of snow and ice to operate properly. Appliance vents, chimneys and flues must be kept clear of snow and ice so appliances may vent properly, especially on roofs of mobile homes. When removing snow:

  • Use care around tanks, piping, tubing, valves, regulators and other equipment to prevent damage.
  • Use a broom instead of a shovel.
  • Do not shovel snow from roofs onto propane equipment.

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