Category: Fees FAQ

Diagnostic Fee

This fee applies to the process of diagnosing service related repairs to be made on customer owned appliances and equipment.

Installation Fee

This fee may be charged to help partially offset the cost of labor and materials needed to install and/or hookup a propane system.

Early Termination Fee

This fee helps recover installation costs that were not initially charged at the time of installation and not recovered through agreed upon fuel purchases at the start of the contract [...]

Late Charge

This charge is assessed when a customer does not pay a bill within the agreed upon credit terms.

Returned Check Fee

Checks returned for non-sufficient funds will initiate a charge to the customer’s account to offset the banks fees the company incurs and the time to reprocess the check.

Meter Account Maintenance Fee

This fee is charged for the activities that are necessary for proper administration, operation and billing of a customer account with a propane system including a meter.

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